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Davines philosophy is that beauty can save the world and make life more enjoyable. Davines make this happen. Since the company was founded its main focus was to manufacture top quality products that make hair shiny and healthy. The products are made from organic and botanical ingredients, that are not tested on animals. Now the company offers more than 60 products for hair care, such as shampoos and hair conditioners.

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Cosmetics by Davines

Reflected into shopper behavior afferent to cosmetics, Davines did work its way to the top, currently offering a very wide range of cosmetics, aiming to compete in all the departments within the cosmetic field, trying to deliver better products and to find the way to everyone's heart.

With different products meant to keep the health of the hair, of the skin, to detoxify and / or to regenerate, Davines has developed in time the most efficient strategy to achieve success: study the needs of your current and future customer and adapt your own products to them. This way, goodies like Defining Relaxing Fluid, Defining Glam Power Spray or DEDE Delicate Ritual Shampoo do serve special needs coming in special adapted formulas. Defining Invisible Spray for example confers great ability to increase the volume of the hair, to protect it from the sun with a long lasting shape regardless the weather conditions. Suitable for everyone, these goods can be purchased from home, easy, by the phone or online with the touch of a button.

Across the cosmetic department they can also be found in almost all the department stores all over the globe. Priced with measure, they cover a wide area of the market and, as far as affordability may become as a barrier in the way of getting these cosmetics, we can definitely say that this is not the case. The variety of containers used ads to the diversity found in all other packaging and wrappers to highlight the importance awarded to product's presentation by Davines. So many choices might come at times as a welcomed gift for the multitude of consumers, offering the chance for each one of them to find the best fit product for them.

Following its original line of action, Davines had a perpetual and genuine interest in producing useful goods of a real help for the usual buyer. With a number of products aiming at each one of your need, each one in its own way, Davines can claim the title for a friendly company with the mention that one can care of his fellow beyond consecrated limits.