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This brand was first presented to the public on November 30th, 1932. It was registered as a federal USA trademark on January 1st, 2008 and it got USPTO license on October 9th, 2003. This brand is famous for its top quality cosmetic products.

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Dana - Fragrances, Scents, and Aromas for Every Woman and Man

In the history of perfumery, this brand has played a specific role, due to the fact that it was intended for both the rich and the casual consumers. This eclectic nature of Dana was actually the key factor that made it relevant at an international level: they sell quality products at affordable prices and they also have a very wide range of products you can choose from; all that you need to do is to determine precisely which is the perfect fragrance for your personality and for your spirit. If this seems complicated, try to narrow down the results by sticking to a few basic ingredients. This way you can both understand the meaning of this brand and benefit from a fragrance that suits you in every detail.

If you're looking for a masculine fragrance, try British Sterling. The flowery bouquet of this variety is almost arrogant in nature, due to a particularly powerful way of interpreting the base and the top notes. Citrus, amber, and moss define the heart, while warm woods embrace it in mild and sensual tones. At the other side of the line, Black Lace redefines the notions of delicacy and feminine spirit using violet, orange blossom, and sandalwood. If you think that wasn't enough, try Toujours Moi, Chantilly, or Canoe. The last one features lemon and oak moss as special ingredients with a special power in the bouquet.

Dana perfumes oscillate between classic looks (especially the perfumes dedicated to him) and themed, organic, or almost Baroque solutions for her. This dissymmetry is quite unique in the field of contemporary perfumes and it denotes both the elegance of the connoisseur and the bold spirit of the innovator. Thus, Dana stands for a very large set of concepts, a thing that marks its eclectic and modern spirit.

Due to its wide availability, purchasing Dana perfumes should be very easy: just place an online order at your seller of preference and wait for the pack to be delivered at your front door. It's easy and straightforward and it can bring you additional benefits if you order regularly or if you buy large quantities in the first place.