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Creed is the private luxury fragrance manufacturer, that became a fragrance dynasty worldwide. The company was founded in 1760. It started as a family businesses and it was passing from one generation to another. Eventually, the company has transformed to the dynasty and it has more than 10 royal couture houses worldwide. The company has been around for more than 250 years. Also, Creed company is one of the 100 oldest family businesses in the world.

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When It Comes to Tradition, There's Always Creed

In the history of perfumery, the year 1760 bears a very specific significance: it's the date when one of the most important brands in the world was created. Creed is not simply a name and a brand; it's a style, a method, a ritual (for some), and custom for others. Creed has served royal houses and the general public for more than 250 years and it managed to stick to just a few important principles: value, high standards, excellence, and trust. Do you think there's room for more? In addition, Creed is one of the 100 oldest family businesses in the whole world and, subsequently, one of the best examples when it comes to the conceptual distinction between innovation, experience, tradition, technology, and style.

Most of the Creed products display very complex and eloquent aromas, which refine your tastes one day after another. You need to have experience with purchasing perfumes in order to determine the real value of these bottles. Acqua Fiorentina, for example, is a passion-inducing fragrance, suitable for women of all ages who know how to accessorize their wardrobe to a perfume. Notes of plum, bergamot, and Virginian cedar intermingle in a very characteristic way and stimulate senses and excitement. Another excellent illustrating item, Original Santal by Creed recalibrates the syntax of blending vanilla, sandalwood, coriander, and spruce and, thus, it redefines the very nature of a feminine scent relevant for contemporary trends and fashions.

Similarly, each and every product advertised by this company is a jewel in disguise. It may be taken for a different product, provided that you don't know how to recognize this brand (especially the logo, the shapes of the bottles, and the caps), but it is at the same time particularly distinguished and powerful. Transparence and subtlety create a perpetual dialogue that brings a sense of finesse and light elegance to each and every bottle bearing the name of Creed.

Some may consider these products expensive gifts, but the ones receiving the gifts may think they're not expensive at all and they're worth every penny. Buy Creed perfumes online and get discounts that will make such beauties even more attractive for you and the ones you love.