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Covergirl was founded in 1909 in Maryland and it is well-known American cosmetics brand. The company was founded by the Noxzema Chemical Corporation. Later the Noxzema Chemical Corporation changed the name to Noxell company. In 1989 the company was purchased by Procter & Gamble. The Noxell Company had the unique campaigns to advertise and promote their products. In the advertising campaign were involved famous singers, actresses and also the fashion models, that were appearing on the frond cover of the popular fashion magazines for ladies. Also, Covergirl became the main sponsorship company in Tyra Bank's show - America's Next Top Model. That made the company even more successful.

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Cover Girl - Care for Ultra Long Eyelashes?

Some of the brands marketing cosmetic products for your eyes are simply amazing when compared to other similar names on the market. It's not easy to make a name of your own in this field, as few things are more compelling and difficult to attain than new cosmetic products. Cover Girl redefines an entire line, coming up with solutions intended to make your eyes look even more beautiful than they already are. How do they do that? Well, it's actually complicated, but the main idea is that they stick to a few very important principles and concepts: well-defined formulas are the key in any cosmetic industry; the sole purpose of a product is to be appreciated by consumers; advertisement is nothing without high quality products behind.

Here's one example: Lash Blast Mega Volume Mascara by Cover Girl is one of the most interesting brushes on the market: it offers excellent volume and it maxes out your eyelashes to the point where it makes you confident and strong. This is also the case of Line Exact Defining Eyeliner, which glides without difficulty on your skin while rendering superb effects around your eyes. Easily removable with common soap or, simply, with water, this is the perfect product for whomever is interested in a perfect cosmetic solution that can be used at any time without any trouble.

Cover Girl is precious when it comes to design. Most of the products display a rather urban feel, with plenty of details, elegant color schemes, and intuitive shapes. The contours they are capable of are suggested by the silhouetted sticks and by the almost naturally elegant profile of each product in particular. If you're a woman who likes to have such accessories in her purse, you should definitely consider Cover Girl as an option, because there are virtually no situations where you couldn't display such a product.

Buying Cover Girl products has never been as easy as it is now. Order online and purchase more than one item if you want to benefit from contextual discounts and cut rates. It's easy, it's fun, and it's definitely one of the best option you've got when it comes to products specifically designed for your eyes.