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It is one of the world's biggest company, that manufactures fragrances. Also, the company manufactures beauty products. The company's main businesses are fragrances, that makes 65% of revenue, next company's domain is color cosmetics, that makes 20% of revenue, followed by toiletries (12% of revenue) and skin care products (3%of revenue). Also, the company is known for its collaboration with celebrities and designers for the creation of fragrances.

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Coty - The True Meaning of Complexity

An impressive name in the history of perfumery and cosmetic solutions, Coty is definitely one of the most important brands on the market today. Its wide entrepreneurial spirit, its dedication to innovation and its particular interest in the style of its products sets it apart from many other brands present today at an international level. Coty is a name and so much more: it is a brand that one cannot ignore when trying to decide what type of cosmetic products is best for him or her.

Most of the fragrances sold under this name are targeted to urban people who like to use eclectic products with very complex and well distinguished fragrances. Hollywood Playboy is such an example: it mixes cedar wood with vanilla and elemi in order to bring to you a very modern and purely contemporary scent to use on all occasions. Exclamation, the much-loved oriental fragrance from Coty, bearing flowery and amber tones, is another highlight in these series. Use it regularly if you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd and make sure you accessorize it with nothing but exquisite fashion jewelry and clothes. Or try the Desperate Housewives Forbidden Fruit and inhale the superb blending of peach, pepper, jasmine, passion lily, sandalwood, ylang ylang, cedar wood, and vanilla.

Coty fragrances look excellent, irrespective of your style and personal preferences. They have an identity of their own that is so well coordinated and established that few things around them are capable of undermining their authority or of overshadowing their charm. Glass and quality plastic materials are doubled by carefully chosen boxes and create an effect that is both compelling and intriguing. The design itself is nothing short to perfection, as it combines abstract elements with subtle calligraphy and beautiful color schemes.

Pay special attention to the Playboy line advertised by Coty. Different varieties (Malibu, Vegas, Miami, etc.) call for different tastes and attitudes. These are fragrances for the men who know how to take what they deserve. Buy any of these superb perfumes at affordable prices and enjoy the true spirit of contemporary Coty products