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Costume National

It is an Italian fashion house founded in 1986 by Ennio Capasa, Creative Director, and his brother Carlo, CEO of the Maison, which has its head offices in Milan. The company produces clothing under the brands Costume National, Costume National Homme (for men) and Costume National Femme (for women) as well as fragrances such as Scent Gloss, The Trilogy, Scent Cool Gloss, 21, Intense and Homme. The manufacturing facilities of Costume National company are located in Italy, while the distribution has a worldwide network.

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Costume National - Italian Fragrances for Every Taste

Costume National has distinguished itself as an important brand of fragrances after advertising fashion solutions for men. Coming from Northern Italy, it displays an entire range of interesting aromas and fabulous bottles. Three values lay behind this name: tradition, experience, and classicism. The first two refer to an intermingling process that denotes a sense of casual understanding of how fashions evolve. The third one reinstates lines and shapes one could have considered extinct, thus bringing the classic approach to perfumery back into the light of the international market. As such, Costume National is simultaneously old and new.

Some of the most interesting varieties advertised by Costume National are 21 and Scent Gloss. Costume National 21 combines royal jelly, moss, and cumin in a strikingly new fashion; Costume National Scent Gloss, on the other hand, instigates senses through the use of orchid overtones and hints of violet and roses. If you're looking for something more casual, you should try Costume National Scent - a well-balanced solution for men and women alike, mixing musk, with rose, orchid, and violet. Same goes for Costume National Homme, which creates tones of masculinity thorough its innovative formula based on cloves, thyme, and labdanum.

On the shelf, Costume National perfumes distinguish themselves with their superb contours and clearly-defined shapes. No detail is left behind with this particularly cohesive collection, from the color of the fonts (lightly calligraphies in white, grey, silver, or black) to the patterns of the bottles, miming the original classic shape of a bell. Caps and spray caps render elegance, while the boxes fully integrate in the context bearing similar color schemes and tones as the bottles.

Purchasing Costume National perfumes has never been easier, provided that you know your way on the internet: it's as easy as ordering from a reliable seller. If you're unsure whether you should buy one or more types, we suggest the second option, because this can give you the opportunity of sampling and deciding which aroma suits your style best. It's not easy (as fragrances from Costume National are complex), but ultimately it always comes to one particular fragrance you'll like best.