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CMG Worldwide

CMG Worldwide's was founded in 1965 and the founder was Mark Roesler is a recognized authority on the intellectual property rights of celebrities. The company has launched the series of fragrances, that were developed for very popular and famous celebrity. The most memorable line of perfumes was developed for Marylin Monroe. It was launched in 1988 and it had two types of fragrance: Marylin Monroe Classic, with notes of bergamot and rose and Marylin Monroe Glamour with the notes of lemon-grass and lime.

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CMG Worldwide - New Notes for Marilyn

CMG Worldwide is not specifically a brand dealing with perfumes. It actually takes care of the image of famous people during and after their death. However, in the case of Marilyn Monroe, they started to advertise fragrances bearing her name and, naturally, her charm. And this is by no means a charm easily attainable, nor does it suggest simple ways of redefining the sensual manners of Marilyn. For many of us, Marilyn was a dream; with these fragrances, her name becomes a solid reality that influences contemporary trends and fashions every time it has the opportunity to do so.

There are two basic fragrances you can choose from. Marilyn Classic is a cheerful and round scent with complicated notes of white roses, freesia, and orange blossom. The particularly feminine nature of this fragrance has attracted many men: it's sweet, yet mysterious; it's strong, yet it has a specific delicacy associated to it that reconfigures the way men perceive women, irrespective of environment and age. Marilyn Glamour, on the other hand, offers exactly the opposite solution: a strong and incisive aroma of tuberose and ylang ylang. The hypnotic effects of this eau de perfume are well known among the connoisseurs; remark the sensual wave of the sandal bark and the particularly interesting notes of vanilla and Indian cashmere; can you resist it?

The image of Marilyn as seen by Andy Warhole is the basis of the design developed for these two varieties of perfumes. This image is not just a cultural landmark of the last century: it's an icon and a myth that cannot be affected by anybody or anything. It's the way we want to recall her and the way she stays in our minds and in our memories.

Considering the price of such wonders, you should always have a bottle of CMG Worldwide perfume at home. They are actually not at all expensive and bring a whole new world in your life that can ultimately redefine your personality and style. Buy from online retailers and dealers if you want to benefit from better prices and from excellent shipping times and fees.