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Clinique company is an branch of the Estee Lauder Company. In 1968 Clinique was founded. The uniqueness of the company is that they are developing the spacial skin lines for each individual, rather then just to mass itself. Clinique keeps developing and inventing new formulas to approach each person individually. The products are clinically proven to bee allergy free and the products are made from organic and natural ingredients.

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Clinique or How to Create Great Skin

Clinique is a dermatologist-developed brand of skin care and cosmetic products in the USA, available in many countries worldwide. Their trademark consists in fragrance free and allergy tested formulas. The secret of Clinique is science combined with lots of test. Clinique simply seems to have the right formula for everyone's skin concerns.

The Clinique products include skin care items, makeup, fragrances, sun protection cosmetics, and a distinct line of products destined to men. A very popular choice is to go for one of the non-drying cleansers (liquid or soap bar), pick a mild exfoliating solution (clarifying lotion), and one of the well-balanced moisturizers (Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotions and gels) and form a routine. However, if you are looking for something more specific, this is the perfect place for fine products such as Clinique makeup removers that Take The Day Off (acne soap bars, liquid facial soaps, cleansing foam, eye makeup removers, rinse-off eye makeup solvents, and cleansing balms), Clinique exfoliators and masks (scrub creams, exfoliating scrubs, oil-control masks, and clarifying lotions), Clinique correcting serums (wrinkle repair solutions, UV damage correctors, pore refining formulas, and spot correctors), Clinique moisturizers (fortifying hydrators, night moisturizers, lift firming creams, lotions, redness solutions, night creams, cuticle creams, eye creams, lip treatments, tinted moisturizers, and body butter). The makeup solutions by Clinique include a wide range of top-quality items (lip liners and gloss, lipstick, eye liners and eye shadow, mascara, bronzers and blushers, concealers, powder and foundation). Fragrances are grouped in themed collections: Happiness, Happy Heart, Aromatics Elixir 40th Anniversary, and Chemistry.

One of the viral redundant images illustrating the incredible effects of the Clinique products on regular skin is that of an egg with brown spots vs. a spotless egg. Most product names are particularly creative. The Clinique packaging solutions are somewhat minimalist; so is their logo. Collections are often individualized by means of color: the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Collection is vanilla yellow, while Clinique Happy fragrances are orange, and Men's collections are black.

Both men and women appreciate Clinique; apparently, for a person who has allergies, there's a great difference between hypoallergenic and allergy tested. You don't usually have a wide range of products to choose from if confronted with such a problem, but Clinique thinks you should enjoy a variety of choices. Purchase your Clinique treats at our e-store now to benefit from our special offers!