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Clearasil is number one selling brand of skin care and acne treatment products, that contain active ingredients such benzolyn peroxide, resorcinol and sulfur. Clearasil has a wide variety of products for acne treatment. The effect can be fast or slow and gentle. It is used for everyday prevention. Clearasil was founded in 1950 by Ivan Combe. The company is located in the United States. At this time, it was the first dermatological company that was developing its products for younger skin to fight against blemishing areas. The active ingredients that were used originally, were switched to the better ones over time.

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Clearasil: The Science of Looking Awesome

Clearasil is a brand of skin care and face wash products. Clearasil dermatologists have created and tested their acne medication formulas to ensure a clearer skin effect. By removing dirt, oil and bacteria, and unblocking pores, the skin remains clean and refreshed without becoming over dehydrated.

Clearasil products include face washes, face scrubs, acne treatments, gentle and effective acne pads, and ready to use acne kits for dramatic skin improvements. The chief collections by Clearasil include their most iconic product lines: Clearasil PerfectaWash, Clearasil Ultra, and Clearasil Daily Clear. The PerfectaWash Automatic Face Wash Dispenser was created to avoid over drying the skin by limiting the amount of wash to a precise dose. Clearasil Ultra is a line of fast and effective acne products including pads, treatments creams, gels, face washes, toners, lotions, scrubs, masks, etc. The Daily Clear collection makes gentle action a trademark: you can see your skin getting clearer every day with Clearasil oil-free washes, daily scrubs, cleansing pads, and tinted acne treatment creams.

Clearasil packaging solutions have been carefully designed to ensure product distinctiveness. All Daily Care products are presented in Clearasil blue, while Clearasil Ultra washes and treatments are easy to recognize by the blue-magenta gradient. The overall look of Clearasil products is on the sporty side and inspires trust in their success to restore skin health, by maintaining the pharmaceutical aspect of the featured tubes and cans.

Clearasil customers appreciate the perfect dermatologist tested formulas combining effective acne medication (Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, etc.) with moisturizing and protective ingredients (glycerin, sorbitol, alpha-hydroxy acids, etc.). Your skin problems can vanish in a matter of days or hours provided that you choose the right product/the right combination of products. Treating acne the fast way and without damaging your skin is now possible: say good bye to all the nasty pimples, redness and blemishes by placing your order now! Look for Clearasil promotions and discounts at our e-store and benefit from all the good deals you can find. We are doing our best to make sure you have a great online shopping experience.