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Clean & Clear

Clean & Clear company was founded in 1986. The company is specializing in developing and inventing products for problematic skin, especially among teenagers. The company's believe is that the beauty comes from inner confidence, comfort and security about the skin. The motto: is that every skin is unique and it needs an unique treatment. The more people know about how to manage their skin, the better their skin will look. With the Clean & Clear products the skin will get noticeably clearer and more beautiful skin and well groomed.

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Clean & Clear: The Exigencies of Healthy Skin

Clean & Clear is a skin care oriented brand well known for its effective acne control kits. The Clean & Clear definition of beauty is health. Some formulas feature a treatment principle consisting in fighting the bacteria and improving acne lesions based on Benzoyl peroxide, while eliminating the clogged pores effect; mild, yet effective exfoliation solutions, sebum control formulas, and salicylic acid skin toning solutions are other niches nicely covered by Clean & Clear.

Clean & Clear products include a wide range of deep cleaning astringents/toners, cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, treatments, and body washes that help eliminate all skin's impurities, while leaving the skin smooth, clean, and well hydrated. Our experts recommend:

  • Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub - salicylic acid based formula, featuring exfoliating beads that come in three different sizes for both deep cleaning effects and superficial exfoliation;
  • Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser - a very effective Benzoyl Peroxide formula for daily use;
  • The Clean & Clear Morning Burst collection consists of a series of special, invigorating cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, body washes and other skin care products especially designed for a brighter and healthier skin effect. The collection's look is based on bright, vegetal colors. The list of solutions and ingredients used in this collection encompasses oxygen-infused cleansing formulas, Coralline Complex, vitamin C, ginseng, witch hazel, grapefruit extracts, caffeine, lemon, jojoba, and papaya;

Clean & Clear packaging solutions have a sporty, cool, fresh, bright, inspirational, and youthful look, while the design approach is positive and vibrant.

The clarity and purity of the skin, the aspect of the skin pores, and the smoothness of one's complexion are elements of utmost importance to our social life; they have an impact on the first impression, and can often reflect our lifestyle. Clean & Clear's targeted customers are mainly teenagers and young adults with an interest in health and personal care, who appreciate the fast results of these effective formulas. Feel free to browse through and place your order at our e-store. Buy cheap Clean & Clear online now and let all your blemishes become a distant memory!