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Claude Montana

Claude Montana was born in Paris in 1949. He is a famous French fashion designer. Montana started his career with the design of a pappier-mache accessories covered with crystals. Later, he was experimenting with leather. In 1976 was the debut of his first fashion show. In 1979 Claude Montana decided to open own fashion company. He gained love of many people very quickly and became a darling of 1980s.

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Luxury Fragrances by Claude Montana

Paris-based designer Claude Montana is best known for his vibrating, colorful fashion shows in the 1980s. The King of Shoulder Pads created The Montana Fragrances Company in 1984.

The most relevant products ever issued by Montana Fragrances are

  • Montana Light for men/women (1986)-a casual, flowery fragrance, with a blend of patchouli and sandalwood;
  • Parfum de Peau (1986)-a romantic, woody fragrance;
  • Montana Parfum d'Elle/d'Homme (1989)-a moss based, woody, light, crisp, and fresh formula;
  • Suggestion Eau d'Argeant/d'Or/ Cuivree (1994)-a tripartite collection consisting of a scent with green notes, peach, mandarin, bergamot, violet, rosewood, lily, orchid, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, cyclamen, rose, amber, sandalwood, and musk / a floral, woody and powdery fragrance with hyacinth, bergamot, violet, peach, orchid, rose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, sandalwood, musk, amber, cedar and vanilla / a complex white floral and citrus aroma, based on orange blossom, orchid, carnation, tuberose, jasmine, rose, bergamot, orange, plum, pineapple, peach, sandalwood, musk, amber, vanilla, and cedar;
  • Just me (1997)-a sophisticated, cool, spicy, sweet, ambered flavor, based on grapefruit, ginger, pepper, caramel, and vanilla top notes;
  • Montana Man (1998),
  • along with the perfume editions of the 21st century-Montana Blue (fruty and floral daytime fragrance blending lower woody and musk tones), Montana Homme (a men's perfume for casual use, based on sandalwood and patchouli, with a woody oriental touch), and Montana Green (a spicy, woody, aromatic fougère for men).

The packaging of Claude Montana perfumes is distinct in terms of shapes, concept and materials, from all competitors in the fragrance industry. The individual graphic visualization of Claude Montana's perfume compositions and fine fragrances ensures unique representation for this particular perfume house in the broader context of the luxury goods and fashion sectors. The traits of all Claude Montana perfume bottles are geometrical complexity and bold, intricate volumes.

The idea behind all Claude Montana fragrances consists of a particularly elaborate gender identity signature and an aphrodisiac message. Customers who find Claude Montana perfumes activating, have a sense of confidence in choosing the right fragrance to reflect their personality. Buy Claude Montana perfumes and colognes now and enjoy our special prices!