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Clairol is one of the division of Procter & Gamble. The Clairol company was founded in 1931. The founder was Lawrence M. Gelb and his wife, Joan. The name of the company derrived from the French word Clariol. Clairol is located in America company, that manufactures hair coloring products for women. It has become one of the experts in hair coloring products. Now the company has developed more than 50 coloring products. The company has also shampoos and conditioners that help to restore damaged hair and prolong the color after dying.

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Exquisite Hair Styling with Clairol

One of the most relevant brands in the field of hair styling industry, Clairol has become visible ever since they started to advertise hair care products and hair styling solutions. A very complex set of rules and concepts lays behind this brand; we will note but a few of them, just to give you an idea about the versatility and flexibility of this brand: hair styling shouldn't affect the health of the hair and scalp and, on the contrary, it should help hair regenerate; hair styling should be fun; using natural ingredients should increase the quality of the products and of the experience, etc.

Condition 3 in 1 Maximum Hold Mousse is such a product. Combining sunscreen elements in an alcohol-free formula, it redefines the limits of styling in such a manner that it manages to bring new ways of styling right in your home. Other products, like Perfecto 10, reconfigure the complex experience of hair styling, thus creating a new perception of the entire process. New formulas are good only if they were subjected to various tests and Clairol makes sure there are no exceptions to this basic rule. As such, you get to buy spectacular products and innovative formulas at affordable prices without the worry that such products could ever damage your hair.

As a brand dedicated to elegance and style, Clairol has developed an urban look, with successful women on the cover. However, the design still suggests a more natural side, by displaying natural active ingredients used on a regular basis in the manufacturing of these hair styling products. This is why the design of Clairol products is an eclectic combination of contrasting elements that are more often than not associated to modern or contemporary lifestyles.

Buy Clairol products online if you want to take advantage of offers and discounts. In general, you need hair styling products on a regular basis and purchasing online ensures that you have access to them precisely when you need them. At the same time, the general costs involved in the entire process are reduced to a relevant degree, thus influencing your budget in the long run.