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Christine Darvin

Christines Darvin has introduced his first perfume in 1989. The perfume smells exactly the same as Nude by Bill Blass, and the flacon is almost identical as well. It was French version of Nude. Later on another fragrance was introduced. It was named “Colors of rainbow” and it had light and fruity scent. Now there are more than 7 fragrances in Christine Darvin collection.

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Baroque is the New Way: Christine Darvin

Some of the products advertised under the name Christine Darvin could very well fit into the wide range of Baroque products as far as design and the complicated aromas are concerned. Initially thought as an eclectic brand, Christine Darvin has recently become one of the most eloquent and intriguing names in the field of contemporary Baroque fragrances due to a completely innovative way of approaching the idea of perfume. As such, you don't just buy a simple perfume: you buy a concept, and idea, an entire atmosphere, and, ultimately, you buy the future of Baroque perfumes. This is what Christine Darvin stands for.

Charming by Christine Darvin is a pure and delicate fragrance, encompassing notes of vanilla, jasmine, rose, and blackcurrant. Ylang ylang is easily noticeable as a contrasting aroma while sandalwood and cedar wood play peripheral roles in this concerto in motion. Charming is to be worn on special occasions by ladies who know how to make the difference between casual elegance and personal style. In opposition to this one, Papillon by Christine Darvin renders a more discreet sense of complexity and a new way of understanding freshness and even smoothness. Its delicate notes will surround you for an entire evening thus creating romantic reflections around you.

The true Baroque elements of these perfumes become obvious once we look at the packaging. Superb details and very complicated color schemes define the very nature of Christine Darvin fragrances. Remark the eclectic manner of intersecting various styles and themes just to come out with superb boxes and bottles that are beautiful and consistent in their entirety. Same goes for New Ego; same goes for each and every bottle advertised under this name.

Although these fragrances reflect a very thorough understanding of the idea of elegance, style, and distinction, the prices of such wonders are rather low. You can benefit from excellent solutions if you decide to purchase Christine Darvin products online. These solutions include, without being limited to: better prices, excellent packaging, reduced shipping costs, and certified original products. In addition, discounts are regular to help reduce your total costs even more.