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Christian Dior

On 16 December 1946 Dior established his won fashion house, in collaboration with Marcel Boussac, a cotton-factory magnate. The actual name of his first collection, introduced in early 1947, was Corolle, that literally means circlet of flower petals in English. Dior's designs were more fashionable in comparison to the edgy and conservative fashion World War II times. Later on the company has launched make up and skin care line, that was very successful for its innovative formulas and top quality.

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Excellence, another Way to Say Christian Dior

Honestly, it comes as an insult to even have to write something about Dior, this space should be blank. Words are not something good enough for the one and only, one of the greatest brands of all times, Christian Dior. World wide spread, this top brand has proved its merits again and again, giving us such quality products, from superior welcoming shaped shirts to unforgettable aromas in some of the best if not the best fragrances one could ever encounter.

Women seem to be so much more advantaged in these areas than men, as the very wide range of cosmetics and peripherals appears to be without end. Quality is one of the best things about Dior's, variety being another thing we need to mention. Scents we find in Dior's fragrances seem to have been conceived to fulfill our deepest wishes. The luxury inflicted by these heavenly like perfumes, is one of the things which brings them up to our attention be it in a store, online on a website, or simply while passing by someone wearing one of Dior's conceptions.

Especially nicely packed, greatly presented, these products were a win for the market ever since they appeared on the shelves in '46. Even though not everyone can afford to use Dior's products every day, it is a very nice thing to know that a smile will be brought on everyone's face when they face a gift with a Dior's mark on the wrapper.

Price was always an issue for each and every one of us, however, when it comes to Dior, you forget about it. The thought of the benefit you'll get is a real killer for any abstention you might have in purchasing one of Christian Dior's beauties. These are all remorse free goods, so just go for it. As life goes by, the good moments are all we have left; put a smile on your face and let Dior bring joy into your life. Standing as a benchmark in its class, which is the top one by the way, Dior managed to show us all how exquisite products look like.