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Chopard company was founded in 1860 and it is Geneva-based luxury jewelry, watch and Accessories company. The company was founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard. Chopard initially was specializing on creating precise pocket watches and chronometers based upon creative and innovative ideas. Chopard is attended as a manufacture, that makes many of their watches and movements in-house, rather than using the basic movements of other manufacturers. It also launches perfumes lines.

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Chopard Messenger of Love

Chopard-the famous Swiss luxury company mainly specialized in wristwatches and accessories-is also a house of perfumery. The partnership between Chopard and L'Oreal resulted in the release of a rather small portfolio of Chopard fragrances displayed in exquisite, sparkling, diamond-shaped perfume bottles that keep with the company's reputation.

The first fragrance ever issued under the Chopard brand was Casmir (1992)-a oriental vanilla scent featuring top notes of bergamot, mango, apricot, peach, raspberry, and coconut, middle notes of jasmine, geranium, cinnamon, and orange, and a woody, amber, musk base with notes of vanilla and patchouli. Cascade features grapefruit flower top notes, floral middle notes, with an ambery, woody base. Noble Vetiver is a very special creation by Chopard, based on barenia leather, with sage and vetiver heart, and red pepper top notes. Wish is a sparkling and voluptuous fragrance with fruity top notes, floral middle notes-patchouli, jasmine, magnolia, and a base of tonka bean, toffee, vanilla, incense and amber. Brilliant Wish is a formula with amber and musk base, star jasmine and violet leaves heart, and fruity top notes. Happy spirit is a romantic, sensual fragrance, with a Kashmir wood base, honeysuckle heart, and blood orange top. High Spirit Elixir D'Amour is a perfume with an ambery, musky, woody base, jasmine middle notes, and freesia top notes.

The perfume bottles created by Chopard come in precious colors, elegant, unique shapes and concepts. The Happy Spirit fragrances have been issued in heart-shaped perfume bottles, in two very special color themes: ruby red and amethyst. The Wish collection comes in diamond-shaped bottles looking like golden amber and aquamarine gemstones. Cashmir comes in an ambery gold bottle. Cascade comes in a round, delicate coral pink bottle, with a cap featuring an elegant wrist watch metal strap falling down the bottle. All these bottles display the Chopard signature on transparent, glossy, shiny, or metallic surfaces; the reflection of light is carefully studied, whilst the color selection is meaningful and evocative.

Chopard fragrances are, just like all the other luxury products by Chopard, perfect accessories. The extravagant, sparkling, elegant, sensual, lavish fragrances that form this somewhat private perfumery collection can be bought for discounted prices at our e-store. Welcome to the best place on the internet for buying Chopard luxury perfumes!