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Charles Of The Ritz

Charles of the Ritz was a famous perfumery house, that was established in 1927. The company is named after famous hotel Ritz-Carlton. In 1987 the company was sold to Yves Saint Laurent and Revlon. Some old fragrances can be purchased under the Revlon name. The most popular fragrance is Enjoli and it was launched in 1978. It combines notes of citrus, flowers, and amber. Another perfume was introduced later on and ti was called “English Garden”. The company has other popular scent, such as “Ishah”, “Simone Mounir” and “Classic Ritz”.

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Charles of the Ritz: Cosmetic Couture Nostalgia and Ephemeral Fragrances

Charles of the Ritz was an important house of perfumery founded in 1927. The name reminds the nostalgic customers about the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Charles of the Ritz was sold by Yves Saint Laurent to Revlon in 1987, due to the market crash, and was shut down in 2002. You can still purchase some of the old fragrances under the Revlon name. All the rest have become rare and discontinued perfumes, keepsakes for the nostalgic, the vintage hunters, the fans of the American TV series Dynasty, and the general perfume collectors.

The romantic fragrance of Enjoli was formulated in 1978. It is a floral perfume, feminine and sophisticated, featuring green scents, citrus, flowers, and a discrete combination of amber and musk was originally introduced on the market by Charles of the Ritz, following other important creations such as An English Garden (1946), Directoire, Ishah, Simone Mounir, the Classic Ritz (fresh floral), and the Charles of the Ritz (floral oriental) fragrances. The fragrances issued after 1978 include:

  • Charivari (a floral and fruity fragrance);
  • Aston (citrus perfume, 1979);
  • Senchal (a discrete cologne for her, floral-woody chypre, with an ambery, creamy aroma);
  • Forever Krystle (a fragrance for her, inspired by and named after the character on the TV series Dynasty; oriental, floral scent, best for evening wear, featuring a combination of roses, musk, mimosa, and bergamot);
  • Carrington (a perfume for him, named after the character in Dynasty; top notes are bergamot, lavender, anise, and basil; middle notes are fern, patchouli, jasmine, carnation, and geranium; base notes are moss, vanilla, musk, and amber);
  • Xi'a Xi'ang (an oriental floral fragrance; top notes are tangerine, lemon, and bergamot; middle notes are gardenia, orange flower, and jasmine; base notes include sandalwood, oak moss, chamomile, and patchouli).

Now all Charles of the Ritz perfume bottles, makeup items, and other cosmetic products have a vintage look, bringing up memories for the nostalgic of an era long gone.

Scents and fragrances are ephemeral; with discontinued fragrances, the meaning of these words is given a note of nostalgia. Collectors often purchase original vintage perfume bottles, custom blended face powder, and similar little treasures only to enjoy them as objects. Find the missing piece for your Charles of the Ritz collection at a bargain price at our e-store.