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The Carven brand house was founded in 1945. It was one of the first brands in fashion, that was promoting a particularly democratic vision of fashion. Madame Carven , was a woman, that was free and unshackled by assemblage, entered the rarefied world of 1940 couture as a complete apprentice, bringing with her a innovativeness and spontaneity of style that resembled the daily lives of women of the time. She was the first who offered approachable luxury and to captivate the spirit of the moment through her simple and unique designs, inspired by chic of Paris where style took precedence over affectation. In 1984, perfumes Carven was sold to pharmaceutical group Beecham.

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Carven - Exquisitely Simple

Ever since its creation in 1945, Carven has developed an entirely new way of understanding fragrances and perfumes. Often, it displayed new varieties based on reinterpreted traditional recipes in order to show that fashion and fashion design encompass circular histories and that people tend to go back to the origins each time they face something completely innovative. This rather classical perspective was meant to accustom people to the idea of reference and to principles like: there's nothing as important as the base in a perfume; top notes shouldn't be too distinctive in the bouquet; or classic design is prevalent, irrespective of fashion or futuristic trends.

There aren't many Carven fragrances on the market, but each and every one of them is fully unique and invites you to redefining the very nature of a quality perfume. Try Ma Griffe (for her) and enjoy the subtle notes of lily-of-the-valley, rose, and cinnamon; experience the pleasure of a revolutionary base with Vetiver Carven; and rediscover simplicity with the delicate touch of myrrh present in Vetiver Carven Relaunched. It's the stunning combination of close elements the one that sets Carven apart from any other brand on the market. Don't assume that blending in similar scents leads to monotony; the artistic power of this brand makes the entire process unique and dazzling even for connoisseurs.

As opposed to the combinations of ingredients presented in the bottles, the bottles seem rather traditional in appearance. They display a sense of distinction and classic elegance which is by no means easily attainable. They use but few graphic elements, transparence, and quality materials in order to create beautiful items for each and every one of us. In addition, Carven is not a constant presence at an international level; this means that wearing and actually owning such products can make you special among your friends.

Buying Carven products is not necessarily easy, given the circumstances on the market today. The best way to do it is to search online for rock-solid retailers and to order more if you want to take advantage of discounts. You may consider some fragrances better than other, so order more varieties in the first place if you want to know what is best for you in the long run.