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Cartier is luxury jeweler and watch manufacturer from France. The history of Cartier is rich. He created his first perfume “Objets d'art”. This perfume is sold in signed bottles and reflects jewelery of the pioneering spirit, extracting standards and courage that have constrained Maison Cartier for more than 150 years.

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Cartier - Objects d'Art in the Form of Perfumes

It's not precisely the meaning of art the one that guides the collections sold under this name; it would be better if we called it a combination of innocence, subtlety, and intuition. Basically, each and every new variety that reaches the market has something of its own that infers concepts like sobriety, distinction, intelligence, ingenuity, and purity. This is the reason why the essential element found in these bottles is the transparence of the glass. Cartier is by no means new in the history of perfumes, yet their first objective (watches) is still visible in the way they perceive the nature of a real perfume. If we analyze their creations from this point of view, we remark the persistence of their fragrances in just about any environment.

The wide variety of fragrance available on the market is an important sign that we're dealing with a very complex company and brand. Try Pasha De Cartier to see how lavender and amber can be enriched with spicy notes; try Roadster Sport for an intense sensation of vanilla and patchouli; experience the novelty of wooden notes affected by lavender and sharp tones of spicy ingredients with Santos De Cartier; or feel the lush sensation of Must De Cartier and its blended flowery tones. When it comes to Cartier, the possibilities of permutation are endless and the effects they have on your skin - completely unexpected. Try them during the day or in the evening time to see how various scents traditionally associated to a certain moment of the day may become relevant in a different one due to the spectacular combinations offered to you by Cartier.

As opposed to other brands continuously interested in displaying but a few compelling design solutions, Cartier shines in every single aspect when it comes to the appearance of the bottles and boxes. You get to choose from a wide range of very well-balanced structures, such as transparent bottles with miraculously colored fragrances inside, abstract design, superb calligraphy, very intuitive fonts, and so on and so forth.

One of the best examples is Must De Cartier Pour Homme. Here, equilibrium is only matched by the elegance of the bottle and by the spectacular effects various details present on the box. Buy such jewels as personal gifts, or follow online offers to benefit from discounts and similar cut rates!