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In 1904 Ernest Daltroff (1867-1941) established the French perfume house of Perfumes Caron. For a century now Caron perfume house celebrated a century of fragrance and have continued to perform tradition and luxury throughout a vying history. The brand was recognized internationally for its special mixes of pure essences confined in the most luxurious flacons, Parfums Caron offers 34 fragrances and 13 exclusive Boutique perfumes for both women and men.

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Caron - Experience and Tradition in Every Bottle

Probably the most important element related to the products advertised under the name Caron is the precision of the formulas and the complexity of the base aromas. Both these facts happen because this brand has a long history behind. With more than one hundred years of excellence and experience, Caron brings the full understanding of this art to you and it displays the utmost elegance of its products without fearing for fallacies. The traditional ingredients used by Caron (such as rose, lilac, and jasmine) have been around for decades now. This is why each new variety is just a variation on a theme that has already been tested on the general public, and with great success.

From Fleur de Rocaille (displaying a thorough understanding of the way lilac and amber can be mixed with sandalwood and iris), to Bellodgia (carnations and roses with a completely new bouquet), to Le 3e Homme (focused on the influence flowery notes and moss can have on women), and finally to Muguet du Bonheur (which its crisp, subtle, and soft aromas), Caron has it all. However, before purchasing one product or another, make sure you test them to ensure you get what you need. There are times when delicate fragrances are not the best idea and there are times when incisive aromas should be avoided. So choose carefully and try to determine how such a perfume or eau de toilette can accessorize your style.

Caron bottles and boxes have a rather classic look, with a stress on classic elegance and traditional sophistication. You can carry these bottles easily in your purse and there are no restaurants where you couldn't display such wonders. The real style of the design featured in the collections sold today is based on dots and lines that intermingle with the cold nature of transparent glass and with golden caps. The fonts are beautiful and the shapes are divine.

Buy Caron perfumes online if you want to benefit from cut rates and discounts. In most cases, discounts are available if you're a repeat client and you order more than one bottle in the first place. Pay attention to such details because they can reduce your total costs to a significant degree.