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Carolina Herrera

The signature fragrance of fashion designer Carolina Herrera has sensual and strong combination of tuberose and jasmine. She wanted to create a special perfume, that would bring back memories of heady and warm summer nights under the sky of Caracas. Ten years later, it still brings up thoughts of summer nights. But it also ignites the memories of a wonderful dinner party from two months ago, and last night's gala. "This fragrance is a permanent in my life," she says. "It is the only scent I have worn for 10 years. It is definitely part of me."

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Carolina Herrera - Sensual Fragrances for Men and Women

Thought you've seen them all? What about this brand located in New York that sells spectacular fragrances at very affordable prices? The list of concepts guiding and promoting these fragrances is rather short (insightful aromas, sublime top notes, very distinct bases, and carefully designed bottles), but the effects they have on today's market are devastating to some degree. Thus, Carolina Herrera has become an important name in the history of recent perfumery, even if the number of varieties they advertise is not very high.

212 is a very distinctive floral perfume that is ideal for men who know what they want in live; slightly incisive and full of personality, it reconfigures your style to the point where it becomes one to the way of the perfume. In other words it's both powerful and open. CH on the other hand is another masculine scent that possesses notes of bergamot, leather, grapefruit, and ambergris. Best if used in the winter time, this perfume is also suitable for wide scenarios, involving nature and sun. Flore is another example of an outstandingly-balanced formula from Carolina Herrera: it displays both the elegance of musk and the subtlety of lilac and lily-of-the-valley.

The most efficient way to describe the importance of the design promoted by Carolina Herrera is to portray Chic. This feminine fragrance with freesia and mandarin notes comes in a fabulous bottle: shades of red, violet, and orange blend together and form a symphony of colors; the transparent effects of the bottle, the carefully chosen font and the intuitive cap complement the ensemble, giving the impression that we're dealing with one of the most intriguing bottles on the market today. Same goes for most of the products advertised under the Carolina Herrera name.

Purchasing products from this brand has never been easier: all you need to do is to locate a retailer that works for you in terms of geographical location and shipping fees and stick with it. If you choose wisely, you will benefit from regular discounts that can reduce your costs to such an extent that you'll end up buying exceptional products at very low prices.