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Carlos Santana

Famous Mexican American rock guitarist Carlos Santana launched his first line of perfumes in 2005. The cologne named Carlos Santana, was the most popular one. It has a woody a light scent. The scent also contains notes of leather, cinnamon, sandalwood, cypress, tonka bean, patchouli, amber, mandarin orange, musk, vanilla, lavender, apple, benzoin, cedar and bergamot. It is being sold in the dark crimson red bottle.

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Carlos Santana Rocking Fragrances

The trend of creating celebrity perfumes for the fans of the famous people has a long history. Mexican rock guitarist Carlos Santana launched his own line of fragrances under Victory International Company. Santana's debut fragrances were issued in 2005. Just like many other perfumes on the market, it's the combination of traditional bases and new top notes the one that renders the true identity of such a brand.

Carlos Santana fragrance for men is a woody, balmy, and somewhat powdery eau de toilette; an accurate description should mention spicy, fruity, with an accord of cinnamon, leather, and lavender, apple, bergamot, cinnamon bark, and patchouli. Carlos Santana for women is also a fruity, woody, powdery, but even sweeter, floral, musky, eau de perfume with straightforward coconut notes; the fragrance features Japanese plum, neroli, iris, lily, and freesia; Santana's perfume for women comes with a corresponding body lotion - a beautiful blend of neroli, sandalwood, calla lily, musk, freesia, cassis, iris, and musk. Although these colognes don't necessarily seem to express the musician's artistic personality, they are both interesting fragrances that reveal a totally fresh aspect of Santana's persona. Don't forget: you're not actually buying a fragrance that describes the personality of the musician; you're buying an image that bears his identity and his prospective style.

The perfume Carlos Santana created for her comes in a perfume bottle featuring warm colors: amber gradients, with a fire red cap. The bottle of Carlos Santana Silky Body Lotion is orange: a mate, temperate color, contrasting with the precious golden signature and bottle cap. Men's version bottle has a more compact, curved appearance, featuring a combination of glossy red and mate silver; the bottle displays a rough suggestion of its content: cinnamon apple with a touch of brandy.

The best way to buy Carlos Santana perfumes is to put an order online at a well respected retailer. The main idea behind such an action is that you can always have full access to the entire line of products advertised under this name and you can also benefit from cuts rates every now and then or discounts to keep your budget safe in the long run.