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Carlo Corinto

Carlo Corinto is an on-line wholesale store, on-line retail store and ordering services in such fields, as footwear, dressing, glasses, clocks, key rings, caps, pens and headgear. Also, Carlo Corinto is well-known for the shimmering perfumes, which suit for any occasions.

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Carlo Corinto Perfumes & Colognes From Paris

The Carlo Corinto signature first appeared on perfumes and fragrances in the 1980s. The masculine fragrances by Carlo Corinto are an important line of products in this niche. The brand also included skin essentials for men and bath products.

Carlo Corinto offers a very appealing collection of skin treatments and cosmetics for men. Some of the most popular men's fragrances are BLU Stremo-a woody, marine and ambery scent for young people; Sport-a fresh, floral and woody perfume for dynamic people, available as eau de toilette, deodorant stick and gel; Aqua Blue-a woody, ambery and casual eau de toilette with citrus top notes, cedarwood, raspberry, and sage middle notes, and vetiver & vanilla tonka bean bottom notes; Aqua Blanc-a woody, musky and citrus unisex fragrance with tobacco leaves base notes; 315-a masculine fragrance featuring moss, musk and pine base notes, cardamom and pepper middle notes, and mandarin, basil and bergamot top notes; Classic-a seductive men's fragrance available as eau de toilette vapo and splash, deodorant stick and spray; Carlo-a mysterious, woody, spicy and ambery men's fragrance available as eau de toilette, deodorant and after shave balm; Rouge-a fresh aromatic scent with spicy notes; Silver-a minimalist fragrance featuring aromatic, fresh, and woody notes; Carlo Cool-an easy going scent available as vapo, deodorant stick and after shave gel. Carlo Corinto fragrances for her include Sport-a line of products featuring a fresh, floral, and woody fragrance; Fare Follie-a collection of products for young women with floral, green, and fruity notes; Aqua Blanc-unisex vapo; Aqua Rouge-Mediterranean eau de toilette; Fare Gelato-a range of products including vapo, lotion, and gel, featuring a fruity, musky, and floral fragrance. The bath line of products from Carlo Corinto (soap, body shampoo, body lotion, and scrub) is based on natural ingredients such as verbena, red fruits, sandalwood, lavender, Lilly of the valley, and almond.

The appearance of the cosmetics packaging solutions by Carlo Corinto is consistent through all lines of products: bold, sporty, youthful, and casual, with a touch of male/unisex attitude; the pink packaging of the Fare Gelato range of products is one of the few exceptions to the masculine tendency of Carlo Corinto's design concepts.

If you are young, active, sporty, and casual, Carlo Corinto is for you. Order now and take advantage of the discounted prices.