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Canali was opened in Italy and it is specializing in clothing and accessories for men. The variety of Canali products has expended its borders with the start of the Canali Exclusive and Canali Proposta lines, as well as launcning an accessories collection of ties, shirts, shoes, belts and the unique line of Canali Sportswear collection. Today, the third generation of Canali establishes and develops the manufacturing and design groups, with the seven production centers, that are located in Italy. All of the centers are connected by the headquarters at Sovico, close by Milan. The Canali brand is also famous for its lines of cosmetics and fragrances.

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Italian Fashion and International Fragrances - Canali

People associate the name of Canali with the Italian fashion company specialized in clothing and clothing accessories for men and young adults. However, they also sell interesting fragrances that look quite exquisite in the context of contemporary perfumery. The meaning of classic appearance, as well as the meaning of structural design, is well integrated in the identity of this brand that has recently become relevant in Europe and worldwide.

Basically, there are two distinct fragrances that mark the personality of this brand and set it aside from any other brand on the market. Canali is focused on displaying its aromas as transparent shades of yellow and dark blue in order to suggest the importance of layering in the art of creating a new perfume. Canali Style is a variety for him that renders both the eloquence of musk and the light touch of a few more floral ingredients; Canali Summer Night, on the other hand, reintegrates violets in a strikingly new aroma similar to sea breeze.

A special attraction of Canali products is the design of each bottle in particular. Shapes are either extremely classic, to suggest stability, firmness, and consistency, or futuristic, for a more modern touch. The distinction is big once you understand that few companies out there manage to come up with such diverse solutions in just a few products. Remark the quality of the glass, the transparency of the perfumes, and the subtle delicacy of the details, because each and every one matters in the general scheme of the ensemble.

If you want to purchase Canali products, it's highly advisable to do it online. Products at local stores shouldn't be trusted, because every now and they counterfeit products are discovered. If you purchase from a serious, reliable retailer online you will benefit from original products at affordable prices. Discounts are usually possible, especially if you order large quantities in the first place. Such orders come with obvious benefits: lower prices per bottle, lower overall shipping fees per box, and no hassle on your part because you will get the pack right at your front door.