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Camay is the name of a scented body and hand soap, that is manufactured by Procter & Gamble. It was first launched in 1926 and promoted and advertised as a "pure, white soap for women," as many soaps of the time were colored to cover the impurities. Camay's motto for many decades was "Camay is the soap for pretty women." It was later switched to "For your most beautiful complexion at every age”. Now there are more than 20 soaps in company's collection, that has different scents such as rose, vanilla, musk, wood and etc.

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Camay - Softness for a New Era

The golden triangle visible above the logo of any Camay soap can be interpreted in many ways, but it is definitely a sign that we're dealing with one of the most important brands in the history of soap. Soap has actually quite a rich history, with fascinating moments in Antiquity, when the first essential oils were used in the production of soap, to spectacular varieties in the Modern Era, and to what we know today as regular soap. However, Camay is anything but regular; its softness outruns most of the textures available today on the market and it has transformed this brand in a true landmark in contemporary cosmetics.

Basically, there are three types of Camay: Chick Black, Classic Red, and Natural White. Each of these varieties complements with one another and bring a different type of smoothness in your bathroom and on your skin. You should definitely combine them on a regular basis if you want to benefit from what's been considered as the utmost of elegance and intuition in the industry of soap production. Gentle aromas and subtle tones of woody and floral fragrances get mixed together and display a superb blend with an identity of its own. Perfect as gifts, these soaps are excellent in any context.

Easily recognizable by the golden triangle and by the font used in the logo, Camay displays a rather simple design with few variations from one edition to another. Even so, pay attention if you're purchasing Camay products from local dealers or shop and make sure they have these signs. If not, you can always buy original products online at very affordable prices. It is one recipe and innumerable variations that keep both the texture of the soaps and the design in the top of international soaps; so don't miss them and order now.

As a special note, during the last ten years, Camay has faced many counterfeit products being sold under similar names. Before you order, make sure you've chosen a reliable retailer and check the quality of the products just to make sure you buy original Camay products. Otherwise, you may get completely dull formulas that will make your skin dry and unpleasant to the touch.