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Cacharel is a French brand that represents the ready-to-wear clothing, fragrances and accessories. Jean Bousquet was the founder of the company. The company was opened in 1962, in Nimes. In 1964 he opened the company of the same name. The company Cacharel was named after the local word “garganey” , that means a small duck.
The attention was brought to the brand during the first presentation of the blouse collection in Paris. In 1963 the seersucker blouse collection was introduced on the international stage.

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Cacharel - Redefining Youth and Joy

Ever since 1962, Cacharel products managed to influence the way young adults perceive urban directions with reference to design, lifestyle, and, last but not least, fashion. It's a very interesting and continuously innovative combination of contrasting elements the one that reconfigures the face of thing brand on a regular basis. Such contrasts are not to be seen at any other brand; for example, Eden by Cacharel combines notes of peach and sandalwood with black locust, patchouli, and pomegranate blossom in order to render one of the most relevant fresh fragrances on the market today.

Cacharel is about style, but it is also about the values of youth, about delight, and spontaneity. As such, most of the products sold under this name are to be worn on a regular basis in an urban environment. Even if they are especially designed for teens, many adults worldwide purchase them, as they are in love with the simple artlessness of these aromas. Take Liberte, for example, Anais Anais or Amor Amor. Each and every new name brings a new understanding of the way youth can be extended for as much as you feel like. Based on fresh, zesty, and spicy ingredients, Cacharel rewrites the recent history of innovation in the field of contemporary perfumery.

The same idea of youthful joy is visible in the design of the bottles and recipients by Cacharel. The apparently eclectic style of each variety is actually a way of suggesting that youth can take many sides (read: styles, themes, motives, etc.) and can be easily associated to the happy moments in life. Spectacular fonts, out-of-the-box color schemes, and very consistent shapes create a blend of good taste and enchantment that will surround you as long as you'll wear these perfumes.

A special place should be dedicated to Noa, a very delicate fragrance advertised by Cacharel since 1998. Matching rose, coffee, and incense, this perfume is particularly interesting and creates the distinct impression that you're facing one of the most fragile aromas on the market. It is not to be worn on a regular basis, but it's extremely subtle notes are just perfect for an evening or night out. If you like to be an exception to the general rules, you shouldn't miss this one.