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Byblos is an Italian couture, that designs clothing for men and women since 1973. The fashion house style was defined as innovative, creative, alternative and fancy designs. Later on the Byblos house launched the series of perfumes, that are suitable for different occasions, whether it's day or night.

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Byblos - Mediterranean Fragrances with an Eastern Touch

Bearing the name of a Phoenician city in today's Lebanon, Byblos perfumes are known for their spectacular combination of indigenous ingredients and exotic elements. Water is probably the most important symbol associated to this brand, partly due to its origin and partly to the fact that, in the process of creating a quality perfume or eau de cologne, there's nothing as important as water. In time, its transparence and its subtlety have become landmarks of this brand.

Byblos Eau de Toilette Natural Spray is probably the best example of spectacular fragrance created under this brand. Its delicate notes of pepper and musk are kept discreet by the fragility of honeysuckle, grapefruit, and violet. Such a conceptual pitch motion between two extremes is actually specific to Byblos in every respect. Try In Black Byblos and see how a masculine fragrance can be reinterpreted in a unisex manner if worn on a regular basis. Or try the strong aroma of ByBlos by Byblos if you like to stand out from the crowd at a party or at a business meeting.

The subtle elements that help create the identity of this brand are anything but contextual. In other words, there's always at least one (cultural) reference that enforces the meaning and the symbols used to create these perfumes. First, the colors oscillate between the a transparent, Mediterranean blue and matte black; then the shapes suggest both the classic lines of European bottles and the exotic volumes of the Middle East; finally, the packaging brings a new level of contemporary understanding of the first two layers and reinterprets them through a very loose conceptual grid.

Byblos products can be purchased online at very competitive prices. Each and every bottle is original and brings a new personality in your home. If you plan on using this brand on a regular basis, it's best if you buy large quantities and take advantage of bonuses and discounts that show up on such occasions. On the other side, if you really like one aroma, better purchase more in the first place, because Byblos change their profile every now and then and come up with new Mediterranean solutions, leaving the old ones behind.