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The Burberry trademark was founded in 1856. Since then the Burberry brand has a rich history behind it. It became one of the most well-known throughout the world. Burberry's classic collection of trench coats for men and women became company's signature mark. The company also offers the ready-to-wear collection, sportswear, and other fine leather accessories and jewelry.

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Transparence and Checkers: Burberry Fragrances

Structurally at least, there is no real connection between this brand and a complex of wild fruits. In fact, this name refers to urban solutions for both men and women; being urban, they have an eclectic touch that reinterprets nature. The interesting thing though is that with this brand there is a very good balance between the quality of the ingredients and the complex nature of the final product. Burberry is for both night and day and it comes with a sense of understanding new trends that is very much elaborated. In conclusion, don't buy Burberry unless you have a keen sense of contemporary trends and fashions.

The British kilt is one of the main themes used by Burberry to suggest tradition and experience. As such, Burberry Brit combines the light touch of lime with tonka bean, mahogany, and almond to suggest both the elegance of a new style and the distinction of a strongly established convention. Suitable for both him and her, it is a very good example of how old rules can be demystified. If, on the other side, you prefer something more casual, Burberry sport is the perfect addition for your daily use, provided that you know how real style influences your personality and your character. Same goes for Burberry for Men, which is classic in appearance, but brings a whole new level of freshness when used on a regular basis.

Beautifully tailored to suit your needs and to teach you new directions in contemporary fashion design, Burberry bottles, recipients, and boxes are just perfect for anybody who wants to be in the center of things. Be it New York or Singapore, Karachi or Sao Paolo, Burberry fits well in the context due to its incredible versatility and to the fact that the fragrances hidden under these names bring new tones and spectacularly fresh notes.

As a special addition, try Burberry Baby Touch; the light combination of vanilla, jasmine, mint, and other fruity ingredients manages to bring an air of mystery around you that will attract the eyes of men the entire evening. Without being particularly strong, it is its delicacy and subtlety the ones that will reshape your personality and, eventually, your entire evening out.