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Brylcreem is specializing in the hair styling products for men. The pomade was the product that was created by Brylcreem company. In 1928 it was created by County Chemicals at the Chemico Works in Bradford Street, Birmingham, England. The pomade was a mix of mineral oil and water. Beecham owned the Brylcreem for a long time. In 1992 the personal care unit of SmithKline Beecham was purchased by Sara Lee.

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Brylcreem - An Entire History behind One Peculiar Name

From the first Brylcreem pomade, back in 1928, to today's products, this brand has definitely ensured a very strong place in the evolution of hair care and hair styling products. Intuitive and trendy, always being associated to spectacular results, these products are a distinctive example of how tradition and experience can lead to spectacular results in the long run. Originally being a name from the UK, it's not particularly well-known in the USA, even though there are many people worldwide who use it on a regular basis. If you've had enough with trying middle-range products and want to go for something truly professional, Brylcreem is always here to assist.

Buying Brylcreem hair styling gels and creams is actually a matter of taste. If you're not a professional and you only want to use it at home, you should definitely read on the subject before you make your decision. Go for Brylcreem Original Hairdressing if you want a protein-enriched formula for your hair and scalp or try the Brylcreem Hair Groom Original for a perfect hold and incredibly shiny results for the entire day. They say hair is something very personal and it tends to modify shape and volume according to very specific ingredients; however, even if such an assumption is correct, one must admit that Brylcreem is more effective in styling your hair than most of the products on the market today.

You'll recognize Brylcreem products by their distinctive logo, combining either red with black or orange with black and white. Don't assume that the rather poor design of this brand is a reflection of its quality; actually, the producer suggests that the styling is inside the recipient and must not be divulged on the outside. As a side note, remark the stylized lion that can be seen above the logo on some products advertised by this company.

Due to its availability, it's better if you decided to buy Brylcreem products online: prices are better, discounts are possible, and you can always buy more at lower prices provided that you stick to one retailer and order on a regular basis. And don't worry: from this perspective, you'll soon fall in love with this brand to such an extent that you'll order more products to ensure good looks at home, at work or on the go.