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Bond No. 9

Bond No.9 company's fragrances has been always a sensation and head-turning. Now, fragrances have been turned on their head. For the first time in the history of fragrances, a major, full-blown fragrance collection was introduced as an homage to a big city. The name of this perfume collection is Bond No. 9, which was named after the street address, where the headquarters boutique is located. The city celebrates is nothing other than - could be nothing else than - New York. The Bond No. 9 collection of men's, women's and unisex eaux de parfum, combines two mission: splash of emotions and sensuality.

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The New Urban Feel - Bond no. 9

Chronologically, Bond no. 9 has become relevant in the field of contemporary fragrances quite recently, due to its very comprehensive offer. As such, it is not particularly the importance of tradition the one that changed the face of New York's style in this field (Bond no. 9 being a brand belonging to this city), but the diversity of products and their attractiveness for the average consumer. Taking into account the versatility of the offer, Bond no. 9 is definitely one of the most significant brands in this context.

Due to its focus on contemporary urban lifestyle, Bond no. 9's offer encompasses products like Wall Street (a soft and delicate fragrance for her), New Harleem (a brazen scent for the rich ones) or Riverside Drive (a rather indie aroma for those interested in displaying a completely new look at a special party). Each and every fragrance advertised and sold under this name has a very well-defined identity that reconfigures your personality and brings a new air of joy and happiness in your life. Without being particularly trendy, they are definitely a wise choice if you care about your image in society.

Every detail related to the design advertised by Bond no. 9 is spectacular: the transparence of bottles, the keen sense of elegance visible in the shapes and lines of the boxes and accessories, and the light, subtle distinction between one variety and another create a sense of completeness and compactness altogether. Remark the high-end materials used for the accessories and the exquisite fonts that accompany these fragrances. Bond no. 9 is not made just to be worn; it's been created to be enjoyed in its entirety.

When discussing the purchasing of these fragrances, one may consider that price is an issue. However, these perfumes and colognes are rather cheap if we take into consideration the style and the creative effort invested in each type of fragrance. To reduce your costs, it's highly advisable to order online. When ordering, consider large quantities to ensure continuity and possible discounts that can reduce the cost per item even more. The algorithm is simple: the more you order the lower the price per bottle is.