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Bob Mackie

Robert Gordon Mackie, is mostly know as Bob Mackie. He was born on March 24, in 1940. He is a fashion designer from America. He is well known for his costumes for iconic entertainers such as Diana Ross, Cher Liza, Tina Turner , Minnelli, Mitzi Gaynor. In 1993 he was designer of the costumes for The Carol Burnett Television Show. Mackie designed an unique dress designs for collection of Barbie dolls. Furthermore, the designed excellent fragrances, that contained sparkling scents.

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Bob Makie Perfumes - A Style Borrowed from the Fashion Design Industry

People generally associate this name to the fashion design industry mainly because this was the sector where Bob Mackie was most present. However, in the industry of perfumes, he is equally relevant. If you want to benefit from a superb fragrance and you're a woman or man who likes to stay in fashion, we suggest you try this very interesting brand. There are few brands out there that are simultaneously relevant, powerful, and pertinent, and Bob Mackie is definitely one of them.

Mackie by Bob Mackie is a fragrance introduced to the general public back in 1991. Ever since then, it has grown in important and people all over the world have bought it on a regular basis. The pineapple, peach, and raspberry notes (accompanied by musk, jasmine and sandalwood) make a real blend of interesting tones. Try it at nighttime, or at an evening party. Don't combine it with any other fragrance because this one has an identity of its own that shouldn't be mixed in any context with other notes or tones.

The best way to understand the meaning behind the design of the Bob Mackie perfumes is by sampling two varieties: Mackie and Iridescence. The first one is rather man, but it has a metrosexual value attached to it; as such, it is perfect for urban men who know how to take care of their body. Iridescence, on the other side, is equally compelling, but the feminine touch of the bottle is more subtle. Remark the delicate silhouette, the transparence, and the attractive cap that complement one another, creating a symphony of colors, scents, and textures.

Don't buy these fragrances from local stores. It's way more efficient to order them online and take advantage of glorious discounts and sales. Each time you order, remember that you get to pay shipping fees; this is why it is more efficient to order large quantities in the first place thus reducing your total costs to a great degree. This is true for each and every scent advertised and sold by Bob Mackie.