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Biore is American skin care company, that is very popular for its skin cleansing line. The company was founded in 1989. The company offers products for deep face cleansing, including tonics, masks and scrubs. The company also has make-up removing products, that help to keep the skin clean, healthy and beautiful. With Biore cosmetics you skin will be always in good condition under any circumstances. The products of Biore company is being sold in more than 50 supermarkets all over market.

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Cleanse and Revitalize Your Skin with Biore

Every now and then a new brand brings something revolutionary in the field of health and body care industry. Biore is specialized in creating new formulas on a regular basis that redefine the very nature of your skin and take care of the deep layers as well as of superficial areas. As opposed to other brands on the market, Biore offers a complete solution for your skin. And what's more important than your skin when taking care of the good looks of your body?

From Face & Nose Deep Cleansing Pore Strips to Revitalizing Self-Foaming Cleanser, Biore offer a very interesting and compelling range of products. Pay attention to what you choose if you want to determine with accuracy the effects on your skin. In general, these products address to sensitive skin or to types of skin that is prone to rashes. As such, apart from cleaning and moisturizing, they have a soothing effect and give you comfort during and after you use them. The professionalism of the formulas on the other side is counterbalanced by very interesting choices of ingredients and additional components.

The packaging and flacons are very consistent with respect to design. All you have to do to recognize and remember this brand is to bear in mind that the Biore logo is surrounded by a subtle blue line and that the color scheme encompasses shades of green, blue, and turquoise in order to suggest both a clean environment and natural ingredients. In addition, Biore products are targeted to offer products that are very easy to use and carry. Portability is essential because most of these products are suitable for multiuse during one day.

A special focus should be put on Face & Nose Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. In the niche of products dedicated to pores and comedones, this product is very efficient and particularly interesting because it doesn't irritate the skin after multiple uses. At the same time, it is well priced. If you use such products on a regular basis, make sure you order more in the first place to keep the overall costs as low as possible in the long run.