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Bill Blass

Bill Blass became well-known for its creative texture and flawless tailoring combinations and the best fabrics from Europe. He also bang the market with ethnic elements in his designs. He normally mixed graphic capricious novelty wool quilts with coordinated shaped-tooth checks and unusual geometric, animal prints and floral silks. He also started perfumes for his wear designs. Amazing fragrance - this scent is designed for women. Its main notes are wild muguet, mandarin and cotton flowers.

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Bill Blass - Where Nature and Tradition Become One

At first, it's the design that makes you take a second look at Bill Blass perfumes; but this is not all, by any chance. Actually, in the field of top-notch perfumers, Bill Blass is a constant presence. So what are the particular elements that make this brand special? The answer is actually straightforward: a complex, well-refined bouquet; a superbly designed line of products; the exotic combinations used to create otherwise traditional scents; and the special interest in peculiar ingredients, such as mimosa, hydrangea, and wild muguet.

With Bill Blass, notes presented in each perfume are endless. Take Amazing for example: it features mandarin, tuberose, mimosa, water lily, sandal wood, and musk. Out of this combination however, you can discern other, more subtle notes that come to complement the ensemble. Same goes for Nude and Bill Blass by Bill Blass. Irrespective of type, style, and gender-related products, each and every item advertised by this brand is specifically designed to be and feel complex and exquisite.

A special note should be dedicated to the futuristic, progressive design of the bottles, recipients and boxes. Amazing comes in a tower-like box that redefines the very nature of perpetual rebirth, suggesting the idea that this bouquet will last forever in your heart and on your skin. Hot, on the other hand, renders a sense of rebellious tradition by mixing an otherwise classic shape with a completely out-of-the-box color scheme. Keep in mind that the nature of these fragrances is suggested by their bottles. Contrast, ingenuity, eclectic style, and sophistication are common words when it comes to Bill Blass.

If you're undecided as of what to order, we suggest you try Amazing Eau for women. The striking design of the box and, subsequently, of the bottle is all it takes to make a general impression on the amazingly complex nature of this perfume. Order it online if you want to keep your budget safe and spend as little as possible on such a wonder. But be careful, because it is well known that Bill Blass perfumes are capable of making you completely addicted.