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Bijan is an American designer that is from Iran. He designs men's clothing and fragrances lines. The fragrances lines of Bijan made to be unisex, that can fit for both women and men. These perfumes are made of special blends. The distinguishing ingredients of all Bijan perfumes is a circular-shape glass bottle. Being half-full, the fragrance make of two separate sections of the flacon. The flacon has a special and friendly design, which perfectly fits with the bottle's content. Bijan perfume was launched in 1985.

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Get the Full meaning of Today's Style with Bijan

The most important thing related to this brand is its particular versatility in determining exactly how the next season will look like from a perfumer's point of view. As opposed to other similar products on the market, Bijan stands out due to a set of very particular characteristics: fragrances are always fresh, irrespective of type; Bijan perfumes and colognes last for hours without being altered by time or skin PH; the design or the bottles and boxes is elegant and trendy; and, last but not least, each type has a circular set of notes, with the top notes naturally intermingling with the heart.

From Bijan Exquisite to Bijan Wicked, the distance is truly great; if you need to decide which fragrance suits you best, the simplest way to do it is to sample the most relevant products available on the market. For example, Exquisite comes with superb notes of cardamom, rum, absinthe, and star anise, thus making it an incisive, contrasting perfume suitable for evenings out or for wild parties; Wicked, on the other hand, displays narcissus, orange flower, and ylang-ylang. Nude for Men is perfect if you're undecided and you simply want to try something new for a change.

The design of Bijan bottles is truly remarkable. Nude, for instance, presents a circular flacon with a dividing web and a fully open center; Exquisite redefines the silhouette of an elegant flacon for women, while DNA is presented in an ingeniously twisted bottle. Whichever the design of your preference is, keep in mind that Bijan comes up with new solutions quite often, so keep yourself updated in order to take advantage of the latest trends in the industry.

Take a second look at Nude. This interesting fragrance has been designed having in mind the fact that ingredients should preserve their original scent in the formula. As such, each ingredient plays an active role in determining or modifying the bouquet. This is important if you do have a very sensitive nose and you're able to discern between the very complex notes present in the base or if you like complicated things in complicated bottles.