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Barbasol remains one of the most best selling brands in the after shave creams industry. Barbasol has been manufacturing high quality products for more than 90 years. The company has always stayed close to its tradition in terms of quality of their skin care products. All these years the company has been developing and improving formulas to offer a wider variety of their products. Many new formulas has been discovered and many new ingredients were added to improve the effect of the products. The company has more than 50 skin care products developed for every day use.

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The Ultimate Close Shave - Barbasol

One of the most compelling brands in the niche of after shave creams, Barbasol takes pride in more than 90 years of experience in this field. One should always keep in mind that when it comes to skin care products, tradition is the key element. Companies that create many types of products on a regular basis are prone to discover new formulas that are more efficient for our body. On the other hand, insisting on a few basic formulas and trying to improve them regularly is equally effective. From this perspective, Barbasol belongs to the second category.

There are at least two separate products that have gained the love of American men during the last decades. Barbasol Original is precisely what it takes to make the difference between a regular shave cream and an exquisite one. Add Aloe Vera, and you get Barbasol Soothing Aloe, a perfect product for those who suffer from sensitive skin. They are both great to be used on a regular basis, even if they may seem too strong at first. However, the benefits become obvious after a few weeks when you realize you manage to get the close shave you love without cutting or irritating your skin. Is there anything more important than this when discussing regular shaving?

Featuring the American flag, Barbasol products get noticed easily because they don't change their image very often. In order to stick to tradition, the design is kept simple and cohesive. Even so, you should remark the perfect shape of the products, which increase the ease of use each and every time you hold them. This may not seem important at first, but if you need to shave on a daily basis in the morning and you need to do it fast, you'll come to praise these otherwise unessential details.

As a special addition, take a close look at Barbasol after shaves. Pacific Rush and Brisk are perfect for regular use and leave your skin smooth and clean. The basic menthol tones of Brisk and the more complex and cooling nuances of Pacific Rush add an air of freshness to your mornings, irrespective of your age, style, or preferences.