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Banana Boat

Banana Boat brand is very popular brand that produces sun protection products. The company was founded in 1989. All the products contain aloe ingredients, which has very strong calming effect on after sun skin redness. Now the company offers more than 20 sunscreen protection products. The company sells after sun lotion and gels, sunscreen lotion for kids, ultra defense sunscreen lotions and many other products.

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Sunscreens for All Ages: Banana Boat

Ever considered to try a professional sunscreen on a regular basis? If you happen to live in a sunny area where summer is not necessarily associated to cool afternoons and where the sun may become your enemy, you should definitely go with the best of the best to make sure the health of your skin and, ultimately, your comfort are safe. Banana Boat is such brand: it reinterprets the way we should take care of our skin when exposed to sun and it comes up with many interesting solutions, materialized in various products, for various ages, styles, and themes.

Going up to 100 SPF (which offers, at least theoretically, complete protection), Banana Boat sunscreens generally range between 20 and 50 SPF. The lower the value, the more tanning you get, and the higher the risk for your skin is. High values won't offer the same incredible tanning, but they keep you safe even when solar radiation is high. For example, use Ultra Defense Sheer Protect Advanced UVA/UVB Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 for kids to keep them away from sunburns, or Aloe after Sun Lotion to help your skin keep its moisture after a long hot day in the sun.

In general, Banana Boat products have a sporty look associated to them, which suggests various particular cases (non-greasy formulas, advanced UVA / UVB protection, etc.) and also increased usability. Take them out on the beach or in a professional tanning center downtown in the mall; squeeze them and they won't slip out of your hand; use them regularly and you'll notice that the shape of the recipients is still consistent after dozens of uses. This is very important when you're not particularly careful with the objects around you. As such, Banana Boat products are perfectly designed to suit anybody's tastes.

Buy Banana Boat items on a regular basis, but make sure you buy large quantities before the summer begins. If you do this and pay attention to online offers, you can get important discounts that will positively affect your budget in the long run. Apart from discounts, if you try more than one product at a time, you grow to understand which one suits you best.