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Balenciaga is a couture house founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, a Basque designer, born in the Basque Country, Spain. He had a reputation as a couturier of unbending standards and was referred by Christian Dior as "the master of us all". His signature odd and bubble skirts, feminine and ultra-modern forms become distnguished brand of the house. Now the house of Balenciaga belongs to French multinational company PPR.

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Fragrance without Compromises - Balenciaga

This exotic name belongs to a very important Spanish designer - Cristobal Balenciaga - who decided to reinvent his style by creating a set of special fragrances. As opposed to all other brands out there, Balenciaga has a unique way to render the distinction between elegance and stylishness: it's in the bottle; it's around the bottle when you use it; and it's the bottle itself.

Most of the products bearing the signature of Balenciaga catch your eye directly from the shelf. There's a certain distinction that floats around these items and, once you try them, a certain air of familiarity. It's like you recognize the aroma, without being able to say when or where exactly you've smelled it before. This is the case of Rumba and Le Dix Eau De Toilette because they could also be called My Lost Identity or something of a sort. When shopping for such a perfume, make sure you order more than one and see how they change their own identity when worn for more than one day. They are consistent without being incisive and they are discreet without disappearing in the air.

The bottles are simply divine: very elegant shapes are accompanied by superb caps and equally compelling labels. Fonts are subtle, the pale shades of the liquid inside are suggestive, and the entire ensemble exudes an impression of particular elegance and simplicity. Remark the transparent bottles, which leave nothing hidden from your eyes. A small detail that becomes important and relevant when you use these perfumes in a public place. Also, the recipients are small, in order to increase portability and to entail grace.

A special focus should be put on Cristobal Mini by Balenciaga. The fresh aroma of this eau de cologne is both suitable to men and women, even if some websites list it as a feminine scent, whereas others consider it masculine. However, its versatility is obvious, because this is one of the very few perfumes out there that can truly be worn on many occasions, be it night or day, urban or rural places, business parties or family gatherings.