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Back To Nature

Back to Nature company was founded by married couple with the German and Malaysian background. The company's motto is "going back to the simplicity of origin". The couple were not planning to open the company at first. First hand-made products were made for the personal usage and and as gifts for families and friends. Their friends and relatives were thrilled by the products and this motivated the couple to start a business. The products are made from the flowers and plant essences.

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Back to Nature, True Style, and Professionalism

The leaf used by this brand as a logo is an excellent symbol for the concepts applied in the creation of these products. As such, Back to Nature is friendly with both your body and the environment around you. Ecology and body care are not necessarily fields that intermingle; however, Back to Nature has made this thing possible and has created many products that attract customers all over the world. Try them and see for yourself the soothing effects of these shampoos and conditioners.

Even at this incredibly low price, Back to Nature manages to offer great formulas: Spray Gel is in this context and excellent example of quality ingredients and professional effects on your hair. Use it regularly, and you won't have to worry about hair damage or hair loss. Moreover, Hydrating Silk Conditioner is one of the best choices on the market for those who have dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair. It helps both the hair itself and root in order to protect you in the long run. Pay attention to what product you choose and take advantage from formulas created for very specific conditions.

Very coherent and cohesive, the design of this brand could very well represent an example for each and every other brand on the market: it's simple, yet each to remember; it's effective; it suggests freshness without being completely aseptic; it's intuitive and smart; and, last but not least, it is 100% focused on portability and ease of use. Don't expect sparkles or any other type of sophisticated lines: Back to Nature has been conceived to help you better take care of your hair in the first place, which is more relevant than anything else. Add this to an excellent price, and you get one of the most effective products you can buy with reasonable costs.

If you like to try something really special, we suggest Shaping Mousse by Back to Nature: the shine and the hair definition it renders are both very difficult to attain with other products and are perfect for any kind of weather and hair type; try it and you'll see for yourself.