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Back to Basics

Back to Basics shampoo are made from natural extract and are 100% chemicals free.
These shampoos contain only natural ingredients, such as botanical extracts, petroleum extract, mineral oil, as well as animal by products. Back to basics shampoo are completely natural and safe. There are different types of back to basics shampoo for different types of hair.

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Back to Basics - Limits and Principles

A second, equally valuable name for this brand would be "Variety within Well-Defined Limits" because it's the strategy of this brand to come up with interesting solutions for basic and complicated problems altogether. Back to Basics offers a complete range of hair care products you can benefit from, irrespective of your age, sex, gender, style, or type of hair and skin. You will always find the right item if you know how to look for it when shopping for products advertised under this brand.

From Firm Hold Styling Gel by Back to Basics, to Bamboo Straightening Shampoo, your choices are innumerable; each product in particular has something characteristic, be it the quality of the volumizing effect or the spectacular palette of exotic ingredients. However, this company has created its products out of classic formulas. For you, this means that you'll get to benefit from fully professional solutions for your hair, whilst maintaining your comfort on a regular basis. And remember: the more exotic the ingredients, the more interesting the effects on your hair and skin in the long run. Try mint, for a refreshing experience, try mango and coconut for perfect moisture, and try pomegranate for an incredibly detangling effect.

You'll recognize these products in no time: the peculiar shape of the bottles, featuring a very long and thin neck makes them perfect for daily use. They are also excellent companions in long journeys or during a short weekend out. Colors define the nature of the scent, but are not necessarily relevant as far as types and effects are concerned. Remark the light elegance of these products that made them quite popular at an international level in the past years.

As a side note, pay special attention to one of the products advertised by Back to Basics: Basic Style Liquid Lift Root Amplifying Spray is a very interesting hybrid between a texturizer and a volumizer. Using this item on a regular basis ensures that you will never have problems again with the volume of your hair. Most products designed to increase the volume ignore the roots, which is precisely the focus of this product. Try it and see for yourself how fast and accurately this works.