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Baby Gund

Baby Gund products are invented specifically for newborns following all the safety and comfort standards. The first teddy bear gift for your baby should be very special and memorable, because this moment will not be forgotten. Baby Gund also produces the line of My First Teddy Bear toy across the teddy bears heart. The line of warm and cozy baby blankets and My First Teddy Bear by Baby Gund will be a perfect fit for your newborn baby.

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Baby Gund - Fine and Delicate, just like Your Baby

In the field of contemporary perfumery, Baby Gund plays a very special role: it is delicate enough to compete with just about any major brand out there, yet it is suitable for your baby. Traditionally, Gund is by no means a new product; on the contrary, it's been on the market since 1898 and has managed to establish an incredibly stable presence in this context. So if you've decided to buy products belonging to this brand, rest assured you're buying professional items.

There are two major principles behind the fragrances advertised for small kids and babies from Gund: boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink. Blue is associated to lavender and freshness, whereas pink is all about blossom, honey, and spring. Don't expect very complicated bases and don't assume you're going to get very complicated top notes; it's in the nature of one aroma to create and recreate over and over again the world of childhood. One small advice here: if you stick to the gender distinction, rest assured your baby will simply adore the new fragrance, be it boy or girl.

Featuring the well-known teddy bears from Gund, which are, as the story goes, "the world's most huggable", these aromas are packed in a very attractive and very soft design. Also, you should expect a purse that complements the entire set. So, even if you stumble upon information stating that a blue purse is designed for baby girls, you should still try it with your baby boy. It's a matter of elegant distinction and, ultimately, adequacy.

Loved and cherished worldwide for the quality of the products and for the incredible consistency of the scents from one generation to another, Baby Gund is a landmark in the history of fragrances dedicated to babies. You can benefit from cheaper products if you decide to buy online and order more than one bottle at a time. Discounts are available and they become relevant if you're analyzing your financial status in the long run. Don't forget that the more you order, the cheaper it is per product.