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Azzaro brand was created by a French fashion designer Laris Azzaro in 1962. Laris Azzaro was born in Tunisia, that is why the brand is being represented as an authentic Mediterranean brand. In 1968 Azaro brand on the peak of its success. The truly spirit of the Mediterranean culture is expressed in blue green white colors of the clothing collection. The Azzaro house was always surprising people with the every season collection that was named alphabetically. Azzaro house makes both: clothes and perfumes.

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Redefining Men: Azzaro Perfumes

Light is probably an easy word when it comes to this brand: the incredible sophisticated bases used to create the Azzaro perfumes are the true landmark in the recent history of perfumery. As far as masculinity is concerned, it's precisely this eclectic combination of ingredients the one capable of redefining both gender identity and the identity of the contemporary urban male. Buy Azzaro if you intend to make a difference in a business meeting or at a party or buy it if you want to change the presence that characterizes you during your day-to-day life. From this perspective, even the fragrances dedicated to women reflect an air of particular intensity and power.

The heart of Azzaro Aqua (tarragon and basil) is almost a symbol for the versatility and the innovation specific to this brand. After purchasing an Azzaro perfume, you'll notice that the passion of the base is counterbalanced by miraculous high and middle notes. Don't assume that it is only the case of the traditional products; on the contrary, each and every new aroma comes with a special bouquet for you to enjoy on special occasions. The more you try them, the more you're going to love them.

The classic appearance of the bottles shouldn't mislead you in any way; it's not the shape of the exterior that defines these products, but the astonishing volume of the fragrance inside. With Azzaro, you get the impression that scents have a volume of their own that manifests around the bottle like a completely independent identity. Thus, limiting the amount of perfume and the types you can buy is both counterproductive and counter-intuitive. Better purchase more than one type with your first order and decide which one is best for you. In addition, remark that there is no real connection between color scheme and fragrance: you need to check the scent in each case in particular or to search for your favorite product by its name.

Pay special attention to Silver Black by Azzaro: this very elegant cologne is both spicy and fresh and it has been designed to change your own perception on your masculinity. Try it in the evening time, as it is mysterious enough to compete with the moon.