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Axe was created in France in 1983. Axe at that time was the leading men's deo brand in Europe and was popular in India in the Grey market ( available in duty paid shops)In 2007 the brand became the best selling brand internationally. The brand has entered international market and the Axe company products where replicated entirely without any changes. Axe deo campaign was launched in India in 1999. Axe was priced at a premium above the Denim brand which was positioned as a male deo brand.

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AXE - When Anarchy Leads to Style

For years now, AXE has been associated to men. This is partly due to the fact that they used to sell products specifically designed for guys and partly because they always had an aggressive, yet fascinating image. AXE is contemporary and it is one of the few brands that truly understand the nature of change and the versatility of the styles we face on a regular basis. As such, "Unleash the chaos campaign" is a good reflection of this philosophy. In simpler words, if you're either a man or a woman, you like the taste of adventure, and know how to redefine your identity, try AXE. It will help you move forward and show you sides of your personality you never knew about.

There are three main types of AXE products: deodorants, hair care products, and shower gels. In many cases, you can buy an entire set encompassing three matching types from each type. This is generally considered the cheapest and most effective way to benefit from this brand. But if you're an intuitive person and creative enough, try to mix these elements in such a manner to come up with new solutions for your daily urban life. This is not as difficult as it may seem and it is beneficial in just about any context.

AXE is black, or, better said, it is a set of variations from black. Subtle lines of red, blue, green, and yellow come to complement the ensemble. In some cases, colors define a subtype, but it is preferable to check the product specifications before you purchase your item of preference just to make sure you're on the right track. Apart from color scheme, remark the completely innovative design of AXE products. They look awesome, are very easy to use, and they have increased portability which becomes relevant when you travel.

Pay special attention to the new AXE Hold + Touch. It is a collection of products dedicated to your hair. If you're an urban guy who loves to take care of his body and knows the importance of good looks in society, try this product and let yourself be amazed by the incredible effects it has on your hair.