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Avora company produces candles, with different aromas. Their candles contain different scent, such as sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and many others. All the fragrances can create special and unique atmosphere. For centuries, the classic shape of candles has been the cylinder and the company keeps the tradition and produces the perfect shape candles, that are efficient while burning. The candles are framed in the cylinder bottles, that protect surfaces and nearby objects.

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Redefining the Identity of Your Skin: Avora

"Mitochondrial energy" is but one of the many taglines used by Avora over the years and it reflects pretty well the concept behind this brand: a set of measures (implicitly, a set of products) specifically designed to meet the particular characteristics of your skin. This may seem a difficult thing to do (and it actually is), yet Avora has managed to stick to a very high standard in healing and improving the quality of its products, thus improving the life of those who use their products. From the point of view of scientific erudition, Avora is one of the few brands that truly have something to say in this context; from the point of view of personalized dermatological solutions, it is almost unique.

Nonetheless impressive, the products sold by Avora range from anti-wrinkle creams to blushes, and masks. However, it's not the sum of the types of the products what makes them special; it's the personalized solution behind each and every product. For instance, Derma Refiner Set is a complete set for enzyme cleansing, irrespective of context; Firming Neck and Décolletage Cream on the other hand offers just enough substance for a complete treatment, and so on and so forth. When choosing a product from Avora, make sure you know precisely what you're looking for. This way, you can increase the efficiency of the treatment and your personal comfort.

Classic in appearance, Avora products are generally advertised in three different colors or shades: pale blue (to suggest a clean environment), pearl white (the very color of contemporary pharmaceutics), and silver (the symbol of today's minimalism). The combination between these colors gives you a good idea about the product. Don't forget that these are products for advanced use and, as such, their portability is limited.

Avora prices are by no means the lowest on the market, but these products are not intended for the regular customer. Women buying Avora are women who know very well what they want and know how to make the difference between an average product and a top-of-the-class item. Taking into account the quality of these creams, the prices are actually more than reasonable.