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Aveeno is an American skin and hair care company. It is a subordinate of American consumer goods and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Pharmaceutical company Johnson&Johnson has subsidiary skin care company, located in United Stated and called Aveeno. Aveeno was created in 1945 and Soothing Bath was its first product. Aveeno is well known for using only naturally active ingredients. Aveeno produces skin treatment products to cure such skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, poison oak etc.

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Aveeno - A Complete Solution for Your Home

Even if Aveeno products address to a wide range of activities, from facial care, to sun care, and baby care, this brand covers actually a very narrow niche: it advertises products that stress on the beauty of nature and science. As such, their products are specifically designed to meet three criteria: natural ingredients, elaborate formulas, and effective chemical solutions. You will never get a simple product if you shop for Aveeno products; instead, you get an excellent balance of reason and aesthetic intuition.

Most of these products focus on healing and strengthening your body. They are friendly with any type of skin or hair and are just perfect to use on a regular basis. Being gentle, they are loved by many people who understand that body care is mainly a problem of perseverance and dedication. Nourish & Strengthen Shampoo by Aveeno, for example, comes with a special formula that will repair as much as 90% of your broken hair. Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion with SPF 55 on the other hand will keep you safe from the damaging light of the sun during the summer. And so on and so forth; the main idea in this context is that there's nothing as effective as the regular use of a quality product when it comes to body care lotions.

With respect to design, remark that Aveeno products are both versatile and easy to use. You'll come across just about any type of bottle, but you will never get in the situation to not know how to use or open such a recipient. In fact, Aveeno are well known for their dedication to a well-balanced design. Whichever the nature of lotion or cream may be, Aveeno has come with a practical solution to help you use it in a comfortable manner.

As a special note, the baby care line by Aveeno is particularly interesting: From diaper rash products to sun protection, from moisturizers to bath and washes, you will definitely find here the object of your interest. They even have special products for fussy babies, such as the Calming Comfort Bath cream or the Calming Comfort lotion. This is why buying from Aveeno is always an excellent solution to keep your costs low and your expectations high.