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The Aubusson house was founded in 1982. Their first fragrance was lunched in 1984. The name of the fragrance was Histoire D'Amour. Since than the fragrance has a refined woody mossy fragrance. This Perfume has a combination of florals with citrus top notes. It is recommended for evening occasions.

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Aubusson - Another Word for Sensibility

When it comes to Aubusson, even the products specifically designed for men create a very distinct sense of emotional response. This brand has been conceived in such a manner that it redefines the relation between awareness and gender identity. The Aubusson perfumes targeted to women are discreet, elegant, and almost frail in appearance, while those designed for men manage to reconfigure the identity of the brand and your identity.

These perfumes are accompanied by strong, yet diplomatic fragrances. Notes intermingle subtly and create a special blend of extremely elegant elements. Take Desirade, for example: its floral notes are enriched with spicy aromas and citrus in order to create one of the most interesting and mysterious perfumes for use during the daytime; or Histoire d'Amour, where citrus is mixed with woody, deep notes. In each case in particular, Aubusson will offer something extremely elegant and complicated for your senses.

Feminine bottles are the very definition of this brand. Superb shapes and smart quantities are put together to give you a perfect combination of distinction and sophistication. These are not perfumes to be used on peripheries. Use them downtown to impress your business partners, or add a small quantity when you receive visitors at home to bring a sense of erudition and superiority in your home.

However, the true meaning of Aubusson comes when you order more than one fragrance. The difference between wearing one and more types of aromas from this brand is similar to the difference between one color and a rainbow. In other words, you can easily switch from one product to another without affecting the intensity of the experience. This is particularly important if you're an urban woman or man and want to make a difference in your circles. Ordering more than one type comes with a few benefits:

  • It's easier to shop and you don't have to do it very often;
  • It's faster, because you will always have the product you want at hand;
  • It's cheaper, because large orders usually imply discounts and taking advantage of a good discount is the simplest way to experience more with less money.