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Armand Basi

In 1948 the Armand Basi brand was founded. First it started as a workshop to make high quality knitwear. The clothing was sold in the most prestigious foundations in Spain.
In 1962, Basi got the license to produce and distribute La Chemise Lacostethis label's garments in Spain. In 1986 the brand Armand Basi was created, a augmentation to the new Barcelona, with a distinct and unique international objective and unequivocal design.

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Armand Basi - Blocks of Scents

The first thing that impresses you after you buy a perfume or cologne from Armand Basi is the impeccable design of the box and bottle. This brand is dedicated to reinvent the very nature of minimalism and bring a new universe in your hands; it's a universe built on three different concepts: simplicity is the key to elegance; simple lines have greater impact than complicated patterns; and basic color schemes are the ones capable of truly redefining sophistication. As such, this Spanish brand occupies a special place in the field of contemporary brands of perfumes.

Fragrances, on the other hand, are quite complicated. Armand Basi by Armand Basi is the best example from this perspective. It features a wide and rich combination of lilac, tonka bean, cardamom, incense, nutmeg, musk, lily-of-the-valley, guaiac wood, sandalwood, etc. which brings the art of perfumery to a new level. Try this variety if you're interested to render a sense of complexity around you and to make those in your company understand you're well aware about your personal style. Or try Armand Basi Red if you're a woman dedicated to extremes; or the sharp notes of Basi Homme to impress your colleagues, your friends, and even your family.

Be it glass, wood-like materials, hard paper or contemporary, eclectic plastics, the materials used to create these boxes and containers are smoothly finished to define a contemporary, modern, and urban look. The precision of the lines, the smart volumes which look much smaller than they actually are, and the beautiful shapes give you a meaning of simplicity in a world full of unintuitive design. Choose Armand Basi and show the others that you know how to distinguish an exquisite minimalistic shape from a simple one.

If you pay a closer look to the color schemes used by Armand Basi, you'll soon remark that this brand is focused on a very clear distinction between the cold notes of black and blue (for men) and the warm, enchanting, and even tender nuances of red and brown (for women). Keep in mind that it's precisely this distinction which makes the real difference from one gender to another when we're talking about Armand Basi.