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In 1966 the Aramis company was founded. The company was dedicated to men who appreciate classic and tradition. That is why the perfumes remains modern. The fragrance has sharp and woody notes, which are very strong, masculine and powerful. Aramis is one of the few ultramodern fragrances in which the acclaimed intensive leather note can easily be defined. Aramis is one of the brands that belongs to Estee Lauder. It stays in high demand in America, where fragrances with a stronger character are more popular.

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Aramis - Dedicated to Men... and Women

In general, the brands of perfumes on the market are targeted to men and women alike. You will find few cases when a specific brand is fully or almost entirely dedicated to men or women. Aramis is such a brand. Most of the fragrances advertised under this brand are specifically created for men, even if there are few exceptions, like New West. However, even these exceptions tend to borrow the strong nature of the original scents designed for men.

Spicy or not, pungent or not, Aramis blends are marked by a certain discontinuity between the notes and the base. This means that, more often than not, it's precisely the powerful impact of the first impression the one that guides the whole life of the perfume. Take Aramis 900 for example: everything in this scent surrounds bergamot, which blooms in the middle just like a real flower. The soft touch of additional fragrances and the strong hint of bergamot create a dialogue full of imagination and style. Same goes for Aramis Life and Havana.

The main idea behind the design advertised by Aramis is that manhood and classicism go hand in hand. From a chromatic perspective, everything seems to blend in and suggests that lines and volumes come after colors and shades. At the same time, Aramis is very consistent with regard to the quality of the shape: bottles feature classic patterns or reinvent the original meaning of minimalism. In both cases, the result is a splendid combination of elegance and style.

Pay special attention to the Aramis Gentlemen's Collection Variety. An incredibly intuitive set of fragrances defines the true style of contemporary men. Fragrances complement one another and allow you to play between romanticism and business, between the warm effects of sandalwood and the freshness of orris root. There's nothing more compelling than a collection based on the concept that your personality is changing from one day to another and that you need to redefine your spirit when you live the office and you're heading home. In this way, it brings versatility and flexibility back into your life.