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One of branch of the Italian cosmetics company Selectiva company is Aquolina company . The company is well-known mainly for their yogurt-based skin care line. Also, the cosmetics lines were targeted at the youth market, the company reached new customers globally with the start of their first perfume in 2003, called Aquolina Pink Sugar. The fragrance still remains popular and it continues to sell well. Also, in 2006 it was joined by a men's companion fragrance, called Blue Sugar. In 2006 the company theme of sweet fragrances was continued with the invention of Chocolovers. In 2008 a youth-oriented Tweety collection was introduced. The fragrance Pink Sugar was introduced in 2009 and it was oriented on mature audience.

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Aquolina - a New Face of Nostalgia

Most of the perfume brands on the market focus on the relation between identity and context. As such, they advertise products that hide or put into light your personality, your style, your mood, your attitude, your beliefs, etc. This dialogue between you and your world is endless, but, at the same time, it is limited. Aquolina, on the other hand, covers a different sector. Its purpose is to produce items that remind you of your youth and childhood. As such, Aquolina brings nostalgia back into your life. A small number of scents and textures are enough to revive the spirit of the past on your skin and into your mind. Just like playing with old toys or watching a movie you haven't seen since childhood.

Products advertised by Aquolina shouldn't be regarded as items for women who want to display a girlish attitude. It's more about the meaning of sweet things you used to like when you were little. With its blend of caramel, liquorices, vanilla, and raspberries, Pink Sugar is such an example. Blue Sugar (for men) is similar, but it brings a different sense of freshness, associated to tonka bean, mandarin, and patchouli. Surrounded by notes that redefine your memories, these products are wonderful examples of how a scent can revive a lost world.

Aquolina sprays are discretely accessorized with fine details to impress your eyes each and every time you use them. Large containers ensure that you have enough fragrance in your hands for an entire season. Note that each container has its own identity to better define the collection; from this perspective, Aquolina products are an excellent blend of passion, intuition, and style.

Pink Sugar Sensual is one of the latest creations by Aquolina. It features two special levels: a sense of nostalgia, as described above, and a meaning of reintegration of old habits and beliefs into your present life. In other words, it redefines your past and enables you to fully experience the meaning of sensuality and sweetness. Black currant and tangerine are used to determine this spectacular effect, while vanilla, black sugar and jasmine come to complement the meaning of this particularly beautiful perfume.