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In 1998, Luis Alvarez and his partner were sitting in the kitchen discussing the future of the salon industry, when an idea to become the champion for independent salons in the beauty industry came up. The dream of building a different type of beauty company motivated Luis Alvarez and his partner to open Aquage company. The purpose of the company was to elevate the salon industry. The company's dedications was to provide help to independently owned salons and spas prosper, develop and grow, creatively and financially, despite the changing marketplace.

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Aquage - Another Word for Professional Beauty Care

As Aquage became an internationally renowned name in the beauty care industry, more and more independent salons started to see the benefits offered by this brand. The five steps advertised by this company - priming, styling, thermalizing, texturizing, and finishing - are an excellent image of the concept behind this brand: there's nothing that can't be done in this industry as long as you use high-end products in a professional manner.

Aquage products are therefore oriented in such a manner that you will definitely find the right volumizer, shampoo or spray for your hair. Intuitive and perceptive, these products are excellent when used in combination with other similar items. For example, Biomega Moisture Mist Conditioner advertised by Aquage renders exceptional results when used together with Biomega Moisture Shampoo. Test them if you want to understand the spectacular results this brand can lead to if used correctly.

When it comes to Aquage products, blue is not just a color; it's a symbol and a concept. The idea of cleanness is transposed in design in such a manner that the entire collection suggests unity and diversity at the same time. Enjoy the light appearance of the SeaExtend Ultimate ColorCare with Thermal-V Silkening Conditioner or the simple design of the Hydrating Balm by Aquage. Whichever your product of preference may be, you'll soon remark that it is perfectly consistent to the general aspect of the brand.

This company comes with a peculiar philosophy in this industry. The general idea is that creativity, intuition, and identity can't fully thrive as long as they are not independent. In this context, this means that hair care solutions should be as wide and diverse as possible. Consequently, products sold by Aquage are extremely adaptable to your personal style and taste. This is particularly important in two separate situations. If, on one hand, you like to try new things at home, Aquage is one of your best shots; if, on the other hand, you travel a lot, this brand will offer plenty of flexibility in terms of ease of use and portability. In the end, Aquage gives you the perfect opportunity to choose between limits and full independence.