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Antonio Banderas

Famous American Mexican actor Antonio Banderas has became a parfume designer in 1997. Now there are 28 fragrances in his collection. In 1997 the earliest edition was made and in 2011 the newest edition was created. Antonio Banderas perfumes lines were made in cooperation with perfumers, like Elizabeth Vidal, Pierre Wargnye, Rosendo Mateu, Christophe Raynaud and Olivier Cresp.

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Learn about Success with Antonio Banderas Perfumes

You'll never be able to determine the exact nature of Antonio Banderas fragrances. Some of them put all the stakes on high notes, others on the diversity of scents, whereas others are fully tuned in an incredibly innovative design. Wearing this brand of perfumes is a sign that you understand how success, good tastes, and innovation are intermingled.

Be it Blue Seduction, Diavolo or Diavolo per Donna, Antonio Banderas fragrances are marked by three distinct elements: a strong scent to bring your identity into the light; a discreet set of low notes to complement the first impression; and a very strong sense of intuition, which becomes obvious once you try more than one product. On the other hand, these perfumes don't tend to modify their nature when they reach your skin (as many other products do) and they have a long effect even after one single use.

In terms of design, a dialogue between harsh, masculine lines and soft, almost tender contours seems to take place, irrespective of the collection we're talking about. Antonio Banderas perfumes advertised for men exude a new level of elegance and determination, while those sold for women are full of self confidence, fragility, and finesse. The line between these two extremes is always questionable; as such, you can enjoy these perfumes as unisex solutions on your daily urban life. Dedicated to comfort and luxury, these products are actually cheap and you will often see online discounts advertising this particular brand.

Two items require special attention: Diavolo so Sexy and Seduction in Black. The first one is a women's fragrance that can be worn anytime during the day, even if it was first created as an evening perfume. Its romantic notes are the perfect touch for any woman, regardless of age, who likes to draw attention to her. Seduction in Black on the other hand is a type of cologne perfectly suitable for confident young men. It comes with citrus and cassis high notes, an entire collection of spiced middle notes (cardamom, nutmeg, coriander, etc.), and an impressive base: raw wood, amber, cedar, musk, etc.