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Annick Goutal

The perfumes created by Annick Goutal, make up an original range burrowed in the purest tradition of the perfume-manufacturers of yesteryear. Annick Goutal perfumes are invented without regard for the latest trends of fashion. They arouse nature and the feelings of passing time. The bouquets of the fragrances combine the most rare and noble of natural essences, each fragrance was created like a unique symphony, note by note, in a permanent search for quality, balance and perfect harmony. Throughout the years, Annick Goutal still confirms her position as the privileged brand of all those who choose authenticity over boasting, and the handmade product over the manufacturing standard.

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"Transforming Emotions into Fragrances" - Annick Goutal

The principle quoted in the title is one of the most important guiding principles used in the philosophy of this brand. Annick Goutal is an excellent example of a versatile brand that brings diversity and innovation in the field of modern scents year after year. But what's behind this transformation of emotions into fragrances?

The incredibly vast variety of fragrances for women and men proves that Annick Goutal is dedicated to covering all the major segments related to the art of creating perfumes. The flexibility of their philosophy and the firmness of their concepts, together with the intuitive, high quality ingredients they use render multiplicity and pure style. From Myrrhe Ardente to Ninfeo Mio, from Folavril to Duel, from Eau d'Hadrien to Sables, this brand has them all. The offer seems endless and thus the number of combinations you can obtain by ordering more than one bottle at a time is impressive.

The light sophistication of Mandragore, the distinct elegance of Duel and the feminine touch of Eau du Ciel suggest the most important lines in the evolution of design as created and advertised by Annick Goutal. There's always something new to these bottles, yet there is a sense of tradition that transcends the products and generates unity. Probably the best way to describe these collections is by using connotations like: elegant, stylish, distinguished, fragile, contemporary, intuitive, untainted, etc. Note that these perfumes are rather affordable and that you can always take advantage of online discounts and special offers if you pay close attention to the sales in online stores.

There's a long way from emotion to fragrance; in order to get it right, this brand covers each and every detail: the quality of the products, the smart elegance of the bottles, the wide variety of the offers, etc. If you want to understand the real meaning of these fragrances, you need to purchase more than one and wear them alternatively. This is the best way to find the scents that suit your style and to determine which fragrance goes with which outfit. However sophisticated you may be, there will always be an answer in the Annick Goutal collection.